Lowry stands firm on woman's right to choose

OLYMPIA--Gov. Mike Lowry today voiced serious concerns over inroads that threaten women's rights to choose safe, legal abortions in Washington.

"This emerging threat to a woman's constitutional right to privacy and choice is extremely dangerous," Lowry said today in a press conference. "We must be vigilant in our efforts to keep government out of such a personal decision."

Lowry was joined by members of Pro-Choice Washington organizations who echoed the governor's sentiments and outlined bills currently in the Legislature.

Lisa Stone, director of the Northwest Women's Law Center, and Roberta Riley, co-chair of the Women's Health Care Coalition, offered outlines of the following bills:

Theresa Connor, director of governmental relations for Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Washington, spoke about two bills that provide insurance coverage for family planning.

"Washington must remain a state that supports a woman's right to choose," Lowry said.

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