Lowry to join Democratic leaders in Seattle Soup Line for the needy

OLYMPIA -- Gov. Mike Lowry takes to the streets of Seattle tomorrow as he and other Democratic leaders show visiting Republicans what federal cutbacks would mean to millions of Americans.

The Soup Line is being coordinated to coincide with Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's planned visit to Seattle Wednesday.

Lowry will join the Washington State Democratic Central Committee as its hosts the 10th annual Soup Line Fundraiser. Money from this year's event will benefit local shelters and emergency service programs.

Washington could stand to lose as much as $4.2 billion in the next seven years as Congress works to balance the federal budget. At risk of losing funds are Medicaid and Medicare programs, income assistance and food stamps to families with dependent children, housing assistance and education.

Lowry will be joined by Paul Berendt, chair of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee; Karen Marchioro, executive committee, Democratic National Committee; Norm Rice, mayor of Seattle; Gary Locke, King County Executive; Congressman Jim McDermott, 7th Congressional District; Ron Simms, King County councilman; Marion Sue Fischer, Seattle-area writer; Bob Santos, HUD director; and Ron Judd, executive secretary-treasurer for the King County Labor Council of Washington.

The Soup Line is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 10 from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Carpenters' Hall, 2512 - 2nd Ave. in Seattle.

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For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at 360-753-6790.