Governor's Office joins World Wide Web on Internet

OLYMPIA -- Building on the ease and speed of electronic communication, Gov. Mike Lowry today unveiled the new Governor's Office Home Page on the Internet's World Wide Web.

"Improving public access to the Governor's Office is critical," Lowry said. "I plan to use emerging technology in every way possible to improve our ability to serve the public."

The Internet offers another avenue for communication and education between state government and the public. The Governor's Office plans to use the electronic medium to open communication for computer users who previously relied on paper or telephone conversations (often a toll call) to get or impart information.

The Governor's Office Home Page allows electronic communication between the governor and his constituents. Users who reach the home page will be able to:

The Governor's Office Home Page has been operating since Dec. 18 and averages about 20 inquiries a day. Users may access the Home Page by connecting through:

"I want to make sure citizens feel like they have regular access to the Governor's Office and the materials we produce," Lowry said. "The Internet is another medium for communicating with people and hearing what concerns them."

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For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at 360-753-6790.