Threats to services for families, childcare focus of new working group

OLYMPIA - Gov. Mike Lowry today convened the first meeting of the Federal Funding Roundtable on Families and Children to examine how the anticipated reductions in federal funding will affect Washington's human services programs.

Last month, the Office of Financial Management estimated that Washington could lose between three and four billion dollars over the next seven years in the plans passed by the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Those losses would primarily be in Medicaid and social programs for children and the elderly. President Clinton has since vetoed a Congressional budget bill, but any balanced-budget bill that passes is likely to result in substantial cuts to social programs.

Today, Lowry sat down with more than 30 leaders in business, labor, local government, health care and social services to open a dialogue on the state's current service delivery and future changes in service needs. Agency directors from the departments of Social and Health Services, Health, Employment Security, Community Trade and Economic Development, the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, and the Office of Financial Management were also at the table.

The co-chairs of the Roundtable are Boeing executive Joe Taller and Mary Selecky of the Northeast Tri County Health District in Colville. Other members include:

Nancy Amedei, UW School of Social Work, Seattle;

Dr. Twila Barnes, Superintendent for Educational Service District 112, Vancouver;

Peter Berliner, Children's Alliance, Seattle;

Judith Billings, WA Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia;

David Bley, City of Seattle Intergovernmental Relations;

Kurt Creager, Vancouver Housing Authority;

Greg Devereux, WA Federation of State Employees, Olympia;

Martha Dilts, chair, Governor's Council on Homelessness, Seattle;

Cheryl Ellsworth, Community and Governmental Affairs, Children's Hospital, Seattle;

Jesse Garza, Free Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic, Toppenish;

Leo Greenawalt, WA State Hospital Association, Seattle;

Jeff Johnson, WA State Labor Council, Olympia;

Dennis Loney, chair, Small Business Job Service Committee, Seattle

Mike Manley, Snohomish County Division of Aging, Everett;

Dr. Peter McGough, WA State Medical Association, Seattle;

Betty Means, American Association of Retired Persons, Seattle;

Michael Novick, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle;

Margaret Schacht, Department of Human Services for Walla Walla;

Shannon Selland, Shannon Selland Childcare, Spokane;

Mike Shelton, County Commissioner, Coopville;

Jon Shroyer, Sharp Microelectronics, Camus;

Jim SiJohn, Spokane Tribe of Indians, Wellpinit;

Alec Stephens, Community Network Chair, Seattle;

Barbara Stephenson, United Way of Kitsap, Bremerton

Linda Stone, Washington Food Policy Action Center, Spokane;

Dick Thompson, Seattle-King County United Way, Seattle;

Karen Verrill, League of Woman Voters, Olympia;

Bob Watt, Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce;

Dale White, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Seattle; and

Paul Wysocki, Rehabilitation Council, Olympia.


For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at (360) 753-6790.