Capital budget looks toward the future

OLYMPIA - Gov. Mike Lowry today announced a $110.7 million supplemental spending proposal for capital projects. The budget provides funding for both emergent needs in state government and visionary investments in technology, particularly benefiting higher education.

"Using technology to bring higher education opportunities to more people is clearly a new frontier," Lowry said. "We will use new advances in technology at every opportunity."

Some high-priority capital projects include:

New projects yielding future savings or new opportunities include:

Authority is provided for the State Treasurer to make alternate financing arrangements to fund projects.These actions do not require appropriation, but allow for annual lease/financing costs to be paid from agency operating budgets. Specific projects that would be funded through this arrangement include:

Other savings opportunities the Governor has found include:


For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at 360-753-6790.