OLYMPIA - In announcing a 1996 Supplemental Budget, Gov. Mike Lowry today proposed $169.9 million in transportation spending recommendations to continue programs that received only first-year funding in the 1995-97 biennial budget and fund new projects aimed at economic development and improving mobility.

"It is vital to our economic health to be able to move goods quickly and inexpensively, but it is also important that we as individuals can get to work or anywhere else in a safe and timely manner," Lowry said. "We will keep the state moving ahead with this transportation budget."

The supplemental budget package includes $107.4 million for second-year funding of state and local highway projects and agency activities already underway. Among the projects are:

In addition, Lowry proposes new spending on several projects to ease congestion and trigger economic investment, including:

The Governor's supplemental transportation budget also responds to several developments that were not anticipated when the current two-year budget was approved in June. Those include:


For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office at 360-753-6790.