Lowry urges residents to quickly report flood damage

Olympia - Gov. Mike Lowry today urged county officials to gather damage assessment information from flood victims as quickly as possible.

The governor is requesting that all information from the counties' rough assessments be submitted to the state by next Friday, Dec. 8.

"We need to move fast and aggressively in assessing flood damage," Lowry said. "We cannot wait the traditional 30 days to gather this information. We need it now."

Lowry will request federal disaster relief from President Bill Clinton if the necessary damage threshold has been met. The state is already working with federal authorities to assess damage statewide to ensure the process is quickly expedited.

"We are hoping the rain holds off so all counties can begin the assessment process," Lowry said.

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NOTE: Flood victims should contact their local emergency management office, listed in local telephone directories.

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For more information, contact the Governor's Communications Office, 360-753-6790.