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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 18, 2000
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Gov. Locke, Secretary of State Munro convene Washington's Electoral College

OLYMPIA - Gov. Gary Locke and Secretary of State Ralph Munro today convened the state's 11 Democratic presidential electors to cast their ballots for president and vice president of the United States.

All of the electors voted for Vice President Al Gore and Sen. Joe Lieberman, the candidates who won Washington's popular vote in the Nov. 7 General Election. Washington's Electoral College votes will be mailed to the president of the United States Senate, where they will be read before both Houses of Congress on Jan. 5.

"You have become part of one of the most incredible civics lessons of all time," Locke told the electors. "Thank you for coming to do your constitutional duty as part of this important election."

"The Electoral College has been a subject of debate since the beginning of our republic," Locke added. "Yet it also played a crucial role in molding our 50 states, all with varying interests, into a single, strong nation."

Presidents Rutherford B. Hayes and Benjamin Harrison were elected by the Electoral College even though they lost the popular vote. President-elect George W. Bush apparently will enter the White House under the same circumstances.

"This year's election has made clear that it is time to look at how we elect our president," said Munro. "I hope Congress takes this opportunity to explore ways to reform the Electoral College, possibly by doing away with the winner-take-all system."

Washington's electors are Rachel Lake, of Lake Forest Park; Debbie Aldrich, of Bow; Paul Steinberg, of Vancouver; Carol Sue Perkins, of Pasco; Tim Hattenburg, of Spokane; Debbie Regala, of Tacoma; Vic Battson, of Seattle; Carl Schwartz, of Seattle; Nancy McGinnis, of Tacoma; Jim Frush, of Bainbridge Island and Charlotte Coker, of Spokane.

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