On January 11, 1977, the eve of his departure from office, former Governor Evans issued an Executive Order the purpose of which was to implement the procedures to be used in the procurement of minority contracts.   The general purpose of the order is laudable but several significant changes have occurred which require modification of this order by this administration.  It is the determination of this administration to implement the activity of the Department of Commerce and Economic Development especially since the passage of Substitute Mouse Bill 27, which added the "Office of Small Business" to the department.       


Consequently it is the desire of the Executive to develop within this newly established division an Office of Minority Business Development, whose duty it will be, operating within statutory and regulatory guidelines, to maximize the effort within all agencies to grant minority business contracts involving state public works, goods, services and supplies.


Accordingly with these general goals in mind,


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Dixy Lee Ray, Governor of the State of Washington, do hereby order and direct the following:


     I.   Agency minority contract procurement plan


     The Department of Commerce and Economic Development shall have the

     responsibility in coordination with each of the state agencies to

     develop a minority contract procurement plan to carry out the announced

     purposes of this executive order.  The general guidelines which the

     department and all agencies shell follow shall include but not be

     limited to the following:


     1.   A minority business shall be identified and defined as one with at

          least 50 percent ownership by ethnic minority parsons.


     2.   The Director of the Department of Commerce and Economic Development

          may appoint a Minority Business Advisory Board which will "recommend"

          policies and programs for the Office of Minority Business.


     3.   Assistance to be provided to all small businesses under the pro-

          visions of Substitute House Bill 27 A11 also be provided cc

          minority businesses.


     4.   The Department of Commerce and Economic Development will be respon-

          sible for preparing and maintaining an up-to-date Minority Vendors

          Directory which shall be utilized by all state agencies in procure-

          ment activities.


5.   All state agencies shell organize their programs and coordinate

     them with the Department of Commerce and Economic Development by:


     a.   Working toward awarding a higher percentage of contracts to

          minority businesses.


     b.   Providing records on minority contracts awarded, including

          dollar amounts and the percentage of total agency contracts, 

          and working toward awarding a higher percentage of contracts

          to minority businesses

     c.   Each agency will be required to have a designated contact

          person for the purposes listed under paragraph 5 of this

          order. This person should have the knowledge and authority to

          discuss purchasing procedures and budgets for the entire



II.  All provisions of EO 75-10 and EO 77-01 which are in conflict with

     this executive order are herewith rescinded and/or modified.


                                                            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have

                                                            hereunto set my head and

                                                            caused the seal of the State

                                                            of State of Washington to be affixed

                                                            at Olympia this 28th day

                                                             of July, A.D., 1977.



                                                            DIXY LEE RAY

                                                            Governor of Washington







Secretary of State