Governor's Energy Supply Alert Order No. 01-04
(First Extension and Amendment of Energy Supply Alert Order No.'s 01-01 and 01-02)

To: All State and Local Air Pollution Control Authorities
Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission ("UTC")
cc: Washington State Department of Ecology ("DOE")
Washington State Department of Health ("DOH")

Pursuant to the Proclamation of the Governor, dated January 26, 2001, declaring an energy supply alert, and under the powers granted in Chapter 43.21G RCW, I hereby order as follows:

  1. Governnor's Energy Supply Alert Orders No. 01-01 and 01-02, relating to the Tacoma Steam Plant and temporary electric generators, respectively, are hereby extended for an additional thirty (30) days from their current expiration date of February 25, 2001, and will therefore terminate on March 27, 2001, unless further extended.
  2. From the date of this order until March 27, 2001, the Department of Ecology is authorized to negotiate appropriate alternative mitigation measures for temporary electric generators to protect the public health and environment.
  3. This order is effective immediately, and is subject to suspension or modification by further order of the governor. The legislature's Joint Committee on Energy and Utilities, which has reviewed this order, has been consulted. This order is deemed necessary to preserve and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare, and to minimize, to the fullest extent possible, the injurious economic, social and environmental consequences of the energy supply alert.

SO ORDERED, this 23rd day of February, 2001

Gary Locke, Governor