Governor's Energy Supply Alert Order No. 01-01
(Tacoma Steam Plant)

To: Puget Sound Clean Air Agency ("PSCAA")
cc: Washington State Department of Ecology ("DOE")
Washington State Department of Health ("DOH")

Pursuant to the Proclamation of the Governor, dated January 26, 2001, declaring an energy supply alert, and under the powers granted in Chapter 43.21G RCW, I hereby order as follows:

The existing rules of the Washington Administrative Code and Regulations of Puget Sound Clean Air Agency are hereby suspended or modified to the minimum extent necessary or advisable, to allow the steam plant located at 1171 Taylor Way, Tacoma, Washington, owned the City of Tacoma ("Tacoma Steam Plant") to burn roofing tear-off materials that do not contain asbestos, for 30 calendar days commencing immediately, subject to the following conditions. This operating authority is in addition to any and all existing operating authority of the Tacoma Steam Plant.

1. Tacoma Steam Plant shall comply with all provisions of PSCAA Order of Approval No. 6858 dated April 7, 1998.

2. Any violation of this order may be subject to enforcement under the Washington Clean Air Act, 70.94 RCW.

3. Currently permitted limits for air emissions will not be exceeded.

4. During periods when the fuels listed in Condition No. 4 below are burned, Tacoma Steam Plant shall record and maintain records of the types and quantities of the fuels burned on a daily basis and control system operating parameters such as baghouse temperatures, baghouse pressure differentials and alkali consumption rates.

5. For 30 consecutive calendar days from the date of this order, Tacoma Steam Plant may burn the following fuels, in addition to the currently authorized wood waste, refuse derived fuel ("RDF"), and coal:

(a) Wood laminate scrap;
(b) Roofing tear-off, roofing asphalt waste, and asphalt-saturated waste; and
(c) On-specification and off-specification used oil.

6. Tacoma Steam Plant shall not accept or burn fuels which are designated as dangerous wastes under WAC 173-303 (Dangerous Waste Regulations) or subject to regulation under WAC 173-303-510 (Special Requirements for Dangerous Wastes Burned for Energy Recovery) or 40 CFR 266 Subpart H (Hazardous Waste Burned in Boilers and Industrial Furnaces). All (on-specification and off-specification) used oil will be utilized according to WAC 173-303-515 (Special Requirements for Used Oil Burned for Energy Recovery). Copies of all notices and records required by either WAC 173-303-515 or this order shall be maintained on site for two years and shall be made available to PSCAA personnel upon request.

7. Tacoma Steam Plant shall burn no asbestos-containing materials or medical / infectious wastes.

8. When firing fuels containing between 2 ppm and 50 ppm of PCB, Tacoma Steam Plant shall not allow the emissions of CO to exceed 100 ppm and excess oxygen shall be at least 3 percent. Tacoma Steam Plant shall maintain records of these fuels. No fuel will be burned which contains 50 ppm or greater of PCB.

9. Except for natural gas, distillate oil, clean wood waste, municipal refuse derived fuel, and coal, Tacoma Steam Plant shall only accept fuel deliveries from pre-approved vendors who have a Tacoma Steam Plant approved profile of the composition of their fuel on site and who certify each delivery is within the limits of the approved profiles. Tacoma Steam Plant shall maintain records of these fuels.

10. This order is effective immediately, shall remain in place for the duration of the energy supply alert and all extensions of such alert, and is subject to suspension or modification by further order of the governor. The legislature's Joint Committee on Energy and Utilities, which has reviewed this order, has been consulted. This order is deemed necessary to preserve and protect the public health, safety, and general welfare, and to minimize, to the fullest extent possible, the injurious economic, social and environmental consequences of the energy supply alert.

SO ORDERED, this 26th day of January, 2001

Gary Locke, Governor