Governor's Energy Supply Alert Order No. 00-01

To: Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission ("WUTC")
Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority ("SCAPCA")
cc: Washington State Department of Health ("DOH")
Washington State Department of Ecology ("DOE")

Pursuant to the Proclamation of the Governor, dated August 10, 2000, declaring an energy supply alert, and under the powers granted in Chapter 43.21G RCW, I hereby order as follows:

1. The existing rules of the Washington Administrative Code are hereby suspended or modified to the minimum extent necessary or advisable to allow the two natural gas and fuel oil fired turbines at the Northeast Combustion Turbine Site (located at NE , SE , Section 21, Township 26N, Range 43E) operated by Avista Corporation to operate continuously for 30 consecutive days, commencing immediately. This operating authority is in addition to any and all existing operating authority of the Northeast Combustion Turbine Site.

2. The WUTC and SCAPCA are hereby directed to immediately issue all orders, permits and approvals necessary or advisable, if any, to Avista Corporation and such other entities as may be necessary to allow for the increased operation described above.

3. SCAPCA is directed to monitor ambient air quality and promptly report to the governor, DOE, and DOH if unexpected or unsafe conditions occur.

This order is subject to suspension or modification by further order of the governor, without prior notice.

SO ORDERED, this 10th day of August, 2000

Gary Locke, Governor