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All Executive Agency Directors

FROM: Gary Locke, Governor
DATE: April 15, 1999
SUBJECT: Exchange Time Policy

It has recently come to my attention that there may be some confusion regarding our policy for treatment of exchange time earned by agency directors. This memorandum clarifies our policy.

It is appropriate that we have a policy to recognize the many extra hours that you work in your capacity as chief executives of state agencies. Your official pay status is as salaried, exempt state employees. You are paid as executives to “get the job done.” This, by necessity, often includes extra and unusual hours, sometimes working evenings, weekends and holidays, making public appearances, travel, etc. As professionals, you can be the best judge of the use of your time and energy, particularly in prioritizing your time. You need the flexibility to modify your work schedules to best meet the demands of your jobs. This policy is not meant to restrict that flexibility.

First, you should each comply with the exchange time policy that applies to other exempt employees in your respective agencies. (Such policies should be reviewed annually for compliance with applicable law.)

Accumulations of exchange time for agency directors in excess of five days must be authorized by the Chief of Staff. No exchange time may be carried over from one calendar year to the next.

This memorandum replaces the September 12, 1989 policy directive issued by Governor Gardner and any other previous exchange time policies issued by the governor’s office.