Commission on Early Learning

"Science has now proven the first three years of life are critical to a child's learning and development.  Because these earliest stages set the stage for the rest of that child's life, parents and care-givers need to know how to make the most of those learning opportunities."  

~Governor Gary Locke









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What is the Commission about?

In 1998, Governor Locke appointed Mona Lee Locke and
Melinda French Gates as co-chairs of the Commission on Early Learning to focus public attention on the learning of our State’s youngest children.

The Governor’s Commission on Early Learning is charged with ensuring that every child in Washington goes to school prepared to succeed.

The Commission is working to identify gaps in programs for children and parents and is focusing on raising the public’s awareness of the importance of the early years to a child's ability to learn.


  1. Create a statewide public engagement campaign to share information with  parents, grandparents and anyone who cares for young children about the importance of early brain development. The campaign will also offer practical ways to take advantage of that information.
  1. Establish a non-profit foundation which will provide funds to efforts in two areas: child care quality and parent education.
  • The foundation will provide scholarships and other supports to child care providers who wish to further their studies in early childhood education.
  • The foundation will also provide funding to support local programs providing parent education. The goal is to increase access to parenting programs and inspire parents to attend.






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