2003 Bill Action

Updated December 9, 2003

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House Bills

1001 Relating to voyeurism. Signed 05/12/03
1002 Relating to mercury reduction and education. Signed / Partial Veto 05/14/03
1003 Relating to investing in technology and biotechnical research and technology transfer. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
1009 Relating to video and computer games depicting violence against public law enforcement officers. Signed 05/20/03
1010 Relating to discharge of a minor from a mental health facility. Signed 05/07/03
1028 Relating to a study of proven intervention and prevention programs for at-risk youth. Signed 05/14/03
1033 Relating to driver’s licenses. Vetoed 05/20/03
1036 Relating to department of licensing agent and subagent provisions. Signed 05/20/03
1037 Relating to exempting retail sales of food and beverages from the litter tax that are consumed indoors on the seller’s premises. Signed 05/07/03
1045 Relating to water-sewer district bidding provisions. Signed 04/18/03
1052 Relating to protecting persons who provide volunteer emergency services. Signed 04/10/03
1057 Relating to commercial fishing violations. Signed 05/20/03
1058 Relating to educational attainment of children in foster care. Signed 05/07/03
1059 Relating to the creation of a joint legislative oversight committee on trade policy. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
1061 Relating to creating associate degree pathways for apprentices. Signed 05/07/03
1063 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 04/04/03
1069 Relating to authorizing a waiver of interest and penalties for property tax bills not sent to the taxpayer due to error by the county. Signed 04/10/03
1073 Relating to collection of property taxes on land subleased for residential and recreational purposes. Signed 05/09/03
1074 Relating to release of vehicles to vehicle owners in cases involving suspended license vehicle impounds. Signed 05/09/03
1075 Relating to multiple incompatible amendments to forest tax statutes resulting from 2001 statutory changes. Signed 05/09/03
1076 Relating to attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle. Signed 05/07/03
1079 Relating to resident tuition at institutions of higher education. Signed / Partial Veto 05/07/03
1081 Relating to the mortgage lending fraud prosecution account. Signed 05/14/03
1083 Relating to making clarifying, nonsubstantive amendments to and correcting outdated references in the insurance code. Signed 05/12/03
1084 Relating to regulating automobile insurance. Signed 05/07/03
1086 Relating to moving permits for owners of mobile home parks. Signed 04/18/03
1088 Relating to removal of illegally parked vehicles. Signed 05/09/03
1090 Relating to the task force against the trafficking of persons. Signed 05/14/03
1095 Relating to assisting small forest landowners with the forest road maintenance and abandonment plan elements of the forest practices rules. Signed 05/14/03
1100 Relating to regulating the sale, processing, or purchase of agricultural products. Signed 05/20/03
1101 Relating to forwarding grain when an emergency storage situation exists. Signed 04/14/03
1102 Relating to exchange agreements for environmental mitigation sites. Signed 05/09/03
1106 Relating to the secretary of state. Signed 05/07/03
1108 Relating to establishing penalties for harming a police horse. Signed 05/14/03
1110 Relating to monthly pensions for volunteer fire fighters and reserve officers. Signed 04/18/03
1113 Relating to irrigation district boards of joint control. Signed 05/14/03
1114 Relating to school or playground speed zones. Signed 05/09/03
1117 Relating to moving a web site address from statute to rule. Signed 04/16/03
1126 Relating to seed testing and certification fees. Signed 05/14/03
1127 Relating to the selling of commercially harvested fish. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
1128 Relating to property insurance for victims of malicious harassment. Signed 05/07/03
1136 Relating to implementing the recommendations of the state parks and outdoor recreation funding task force relating to the use of the outdoor recreation account. Signed 05/09/03
1144 Relating to the use of controlled substances by the department of fish and wildlife. Signed 05/09/03
1150 Relating to the sale of single premium credit insurance. Signed 05/07/03
1153 Relating to the confidential nature of public records transferred to the state archives. Signed 05/14/03
1154 Relating to funding and expenditures of the secretary of state. Signed 05/09/03
1163 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/03
1170 Relating to day-care facility location restrictions. Signed 05/14/03
1173 Relating to the office of the Washington state trade representative. Signed / Partial Veto 05/16/03
1175 Relating to trafficking persons. Signed 05/14/03
1179 Relating to modifying the name of the legislative committee on economic development. Signed 05/16/03
1189 Relating to public hospital district recruitment and training. Signed 05/07/03
1195 Relating to rock climbing. Signed 04/16/03
1200 Relating to correcting retirement system statutes. Signed / Partial Veto 05/14/03
1202 Relating to allowing fire fighter emergency medical technicians to transfer public employees’ retirement system service credit to the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ plan 2. Signed 05/14/03
1204 Relating to creating the select committee on pension policy. Signed 05/14/03
1205 Relating to department of fish and wildlife law enforcement officers’ membership in the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ retirement system plan 2 for periods of future service. Signed 05/20/03
1206 Relating to public employees’, teachers’, and school employees’ retirement systems plan 3 member contribution rates. Signed 05/09/03
1207 Relating to providing a death benefit for certain public employees. Signed 05/20/03
1211 Relating to accountability requirements under the public accountancy act. Signed 05/14/03
1213 Relating to the elimination of boards and commissions. Signed 05/07/03
1218 Relating to the creation of a statewide first responder building mapping information system. Signed 05/07/03
1219 Relating to violations connect with the offer, sale, or purchase of securities. Signed 05/14/03
1222 Relating to voter accessibility. Signed 05/07/03
1226 Relating to service of summons for persons who cannot be found in this state. Signed 05/12/03
1232 Relating to jail booking fees. Signed 05/07/03
1233 Relating to improving services for kinship caregivers. Signed / Partial Veto 05/14/03
1240 Relating to tax incentives for biodiesel and alcohol fuel production. Signed 05/14/03
1241 Relating to tax incentives for the distribution and retail sale of biodiesel and alcohol fuels. Signed 04/18/03
1242 Relating to the use of biodiesel. Signed 04/16/03
1243 Relating to a biodiesel pilot project. Signed 04/18/03
1246 Relating to authorization to accept gifts of aquatic land. Signed 05/09/03
1250 Relating to lease rates for marinas on state-owned aquatic lands that provide public moorage. Signed 05/14/03
1252 Relating to the recodification of Title 79 RCW and related public land statutes. Signed / Partial Veto 05/16/03
1269 Relating to regulating structural pest inspectors. Signed 05/09/03
1271 Relating to enhancing interoperability of the state’s emergency communication systems. Signed 04/16/03
1275 Relating to the human immunodeficiency virus insurance program. Signed 05/14/03
1277 Relating to gaining independence for students by establishing an educational assistance grant program for students with dependents. Signed 04/16/03
1278 Relating to listing property for tax purposes. Signed 05/14/03
1280 Relating to financing contracts for research facilities or equipment of state universities. Signed 03/19/03
1288 Relating to state general obligation bonds and related accounts. Signed 06/20/03
1289 Relating to exempting active duty military personnel from certain temporary fishing license restrictions. Signed 05/09/03
1291 Relating to flood control zone districts. Signed 05/14/03
1292 Relating to superior court judges. Signed 05/07/03
1294 Relating to campaign finance reporting by out-of-state political committees. Signed 05/07/03
1296 Relating to making corrections to the department of health’s professional and facilities licensing provisions. Signed 05/14/03
1299 Relating to evidence-based health services purchasing by state purchased health care programs. Signed 05/14/03
1318 Relating to referencing the United States food and drug administration’s food code. Signed 04/18/03
1335 Relating to the water trail recreation program. Signed 05/16/03
1336 Relating to watershed planning. Signed 06/20/03
1338 Relating to certainty and flexibility of municipal water rights and efficient use of water. Signed 06/20/03
1346 Relating to vacation of records of conviction for pre-sentencing reform act felony offenses. Signed 04/18/03
1348 Relating to technical corrections concerning manufactured and mobile homes under the authority of RCW 1.08.025. Signed 04/18/03
1350 Relating to making technical corrections concerning notaries public under the authority of RCW 1.08.025. Signed 05/09/03
1351 Relating to correction of outdated internal references in the Revised Code of Washington. Signed 05/12/03
1352 Relating to apportionment of the cost of installing and maintaining signals or warning devices at railroad-highway grade crossings. Signed 05/09/03
1356 Relating to updating utilities and transportation commission regulatory fees. Signed 05/14/03
1361 Relating to the state agricultural commodity commissions. Signed 05/20/03
1379 Relating to agreements with cities, towns, and counties for traffic control on private roads by local law enforcement personnel. Signed 05/09/03
1380 Relating to creating the crime of mineral trespass. Signed 05/16/03
1388 Relating to incentives to increase transportation revenues by reforming laws limiting the provision of passenger-only ferry service. Signed 05/20/03
1391 Relating to requests for postconviction DNA testing. Signed 05/07/03
1395 Relating to the catering of alcoholic beverages at special events by nonprofit organizations. Signed 05/16/03
1403 Relating to exceptional faculty award grants. Signed 05/07/03
1409 Relating to littering. Signed 05/16/03
1416 Relating to restoration of juvenile driving privileges. Signed 04/16/03
1418 Relating to drainage infrastructure. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
1420 Relating to drainage facilities. Signed 05/20/03
1427 Relating to the admissibility of confessions and admissions in criminal and juvenile offense proceedings. Signed 05/09/03
1430 Relating to housing. Vetoed 05/20/03
1435 Relating to the fruit and vegetable district fund. Signed 04/14/03
1442 Relating to timeshares. Signed 05/16/03
1444 Relating to protection of proprietary or confidential information acquired through state health services purchasing. Signed 05/14/03
1445 Relating to the relationship between motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers. Signed 04/16/03
1455 Relating to licensing and regulating money transmission and currency exchange. Signed 05/14/03
1460 Relating to a Washington state day of remembrance. Signed 04/18/03
1462 Relating to local government business and occupation tax on intellectual property. Signed 04/18/03
1463 Relating to signs on bus shelters. Signed 05/09/03
1466 Relating to natural science, wildlife, and environmental education. Signed 04/16/03
1470 Relating to residency for purposes of attending Washington public schools. Signed 05/20/03
1473 Relating to filling vacancies in office. Signed 05/12/03
1494 Relating to the disposition of property to a foreign entity. Signed 05/14/03
1495 Relating to the summary suspension of a liquor license pending revocation proceedings. Signed 05/14/03
1509 Relating to establishing the Washington state economic development commission to replace the governor’s small business improvement council. Signed / Partial Veto 05/12/03
1512 Relating to controlling game damage to crops. Signed 05/20/03
1519 Relating to death benefits for members of the teachers’ retirement system, school employees’ retirement system, and public employees’ retirement system. Signed 05/09/03
1524 Relating to restricting utility assessments and charges for certain mobile home parks. Signed 05/14/03
1526 Relating to cost-reimbursement agreements between state agencies and permit applicants. Signed 04/18/03
1530 Relating to venue for declaratory judgments under the administrative procedure act. Vetoed 05/20/03
1531 Relating to the governor’s signature on significant legislative rules. Vetoed 04/18/03
1550 Relating to ensuring that regulatory information and assistance is available to Washington citizens through an office of regulatory assistance. Signed 04/18/03
1561 Relating to the elimination of reports to the legislature required of the department of social and health services. Signed 05/09/03
1564 Relating to clarifying county treasurer fiscal provisions. Signed 04/16/03
1566 Relating to the retention of original claims by county auditors. Signed 04/18/03
1571 Relating to enhancing necessary child support payments. Signed / Partial Veto 05/14/03
1576 Relating to dismissal of citations for failure to provide proof of insurance. Signed 05/12/03
1591 Relating to modifying excise tax interest provisions. Signed 04/18/03
1592 Relating to special license plates. Signed 05/09/03
1597 Relating to physical examinations for commercial drivers’ licenses. Signed 05/09/03
1605 Relating to a statewide justice information network. Signed 05/07/03
1609 Relating to pilot regional correctional facilities. Signed 05/07/03
1612 Relating to notification to parents of the mental health treatment options for minors available under chapter 71.34 RCW. Signed 05/07/03
1619 Relating to driving while under the influence with children in the vehicle. Signed 05/07/03
1621 Relating to modification of the mandatory nurse review of medicaid personal care plans. Signed 05/14/03
1624 Relating to the Washington telephone assistance program. Signed 05/07/03
1631 Relating to regulating fire protection sprinkler system contractors. Signed 04/18/03
1634 Relating to the residential property seller disclosure statement. Signed 05/09/03
1635 Relating to income and resources reporting requirements under the public assistance program. Signed 05/09/03
1637 Relating to information for compulsive gamblers. Signed 04/18/03
1640 Relating to authorizing water banking within the trust water program. Signed 05/07/03
1654 Relating to borrowing money by domestic mutual insurers. Signed 05/12/03
1655 Relating to determination of disability for special parking privileges by advanced registered nurse practitioners. Signed 05/20/03
1675 Relating to updating civil trial provisions. Signed 05/20/03
1693 Relating to direct care component rate allocation. Signed 06/20/03
1694 Relating to the timing of the inspection of boarding homes. Signed 05/14/03
1698 Relating to outdoor recreation programs. Signed 05/09/03
1707 Relating to revising environmental review provisions to improve the development approval process and enhance economic development. Signed 05/14/03
1712 Relating to registration of sex offenders and kidnapping offenders. Signed 05/12/03
1721 Relating to the practice of dentistry by students in accredited state dental schools. Signed 05/14/03
1722 Relating to the taxability of persons with limited connections to Washington. Signed 04/18/03
1725 Relating to catch record cards. Signed 05/14/03
1726 Relating to an employer’s indebtedness to a deceased person for unpaid wages, labor, or services performed. Signed 05/07/03
1727 Relating to death certificates of sex offenders supplied to law enforcement agencies. Signed 05/14/03
1734 Relating to state building codes. Signed 05/14/03
1738 Relating to the recoupment of state employee salary and wage overpayments. Signed 04/18/03
1753 Relating to nursing practices in community-based and in-home care. Signed 05/07/03
1754 Relating to poultry. Signed 05/20/03
1755 Relating to creating alternative means for annexation of unincorporated island of territory. Signed 05/14/03
1759 Relating to financial institution law parity. Signed 04/16/03
1782 Relating to capital projects for local nonprofit youth organizations. Signed 06/20/03
1784 Relating to improving coordination of services for children’s mental health. Signed 05/14/03
1785 Relating to disclosure of client information by mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers. Signed 05/09/03
1786 Relating to the mobile home landlord-tenant act. Signed 05/07/03
1787 Relating to health and human services and information referral. Signed 05/07/03
1788 Relating to job order contracting for public works. Signed 05/14/03
1805 Relating to changing the number of district court judges. Signed 05/07/03
1808 Relating to establishing standards of review in order to change lines of instruction at research universities. Signed / Partial Veto 04/21/03
1813 Relating to employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Signed 05/07/03
1815 Relating to defining security account under the uniform transfer on death security registration act. Signed 05/07/03
1826 Relating to trafficking in persons. Signed 05/14/03
1827 Relating to provision of meningococcal immunization information to first-time students by degree-granting postsecondary educational institutions. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
1829 Relating to postretirement employment in the public employees’ retirement system and the teachers’ retirement system. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
1832 Relating to correcting rate class 16 in schedule B by amending RCW 50.29.025 and making no other changes. Signed 03/12/03
1837 Relating to providing flexibility for fire protection districts. Signed 05/14/03
1841 Relating to the funding of prevention and early intervention services. Vetoed 05/20/03
1844 Relating to possession of instruments or equipment of financial fraud. Signed 05/07/03
1845 Relating to exempting bank account, social security, and credit card numbers from public disclosure. Signed 05/07/03
1848 Relating to exempting certain medical devices from electrical licensing requirements. Signed 04/21/03
1849 Relating to creating a list of health care providers willing to serve as volunteer resources. Signed 05/20/03
1852 Relating to facilitating collaboration among health care work force stakeholders to address the health care personnel shortage. Signed 05/14/03
1853 Relating to improvement of passenger ferry service. Signed 04/23/03
1854 Relating to joint operating agencies. Signed 05/07/03
1855 Relating to licensed independent clinical social worker education and experience requirements. Signed 05/07/03
1858 Relating to the taxation of persons providing chemical dependency services certified by the department of social and health services. Signed 05/16/03
1878 Relating to providing the courts access to information in third-party custody petitions. Signed 05/07/03
1882 Relating to local improvement districts. Signed 05/07/03
1887 Relating to commercial fisheries. Signed 05/09/03
1904 Relating to the reporting of incidents by mandated reporters. Signed 05/12/03
1905 Relating to the property taxation of organizations operated exclusively for art, scientific, or historical purposes or engaged in the production and performance of musical, dance, artistic, dramatic, or literary works. Signed 05/07/03
1909 Relating to creating a pilot project for competency-based transfer in higher education. Signed 05/07/03
1930 Relating to restricting the ability of tobacco product manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors and other persons to violate or to facilitate the violation of chapter 70.157 RCW. Signed 04/16/03
1933 Relating to the integration of shoreline management policies with the growth management act. Signed 05/15/03
1937 Relating to power wheelchairs. Signed 05/07/03
1943 Relating to the regulation of counterfeit cigarettes and forfeiture. Signed 05/07/03
1954 Relating to compensation of a retired justice or judge acting as a judge pro tempore. Signed 05/12/03
1972 Relating to the accounting of the commercial harvest of food fish. Signed 05/16/03
1973 Relating to promoting tourism. Signed 05/08/03
1977 Relating to clarifying the intentions of Senate Bill No. 6835, chapter 367, Laws of 2002. Signed 03/18/03
1980 Relating to work activity requirements under the temporary assistance for needy families program. Signed 05/20/03
1993 Relating to increasing the term for leasing in undeveloped parks or parkway land. Signed 05/09/03
2001 Relating to property tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations supporting artists. Signed 05/16/03
2007 Relating to commercial text messages. Signed 05/07/03
2012 Relating to a special services pilot program. Signed 05/07/03
2027 Relating to seizing, shipping, and delivery of cigarettes through internet, telephonic, or other delivery services. Signed 05/07/03
2030 Relating to changing requirements regarding state and local tax to provide for municipal business and occupation tax uniformity and fairness. Signed 04/21/03
2033 Relating to requiring regional transportation investment district tax revenue to be allocated proportionally among member counties. Signed 05/09/03
2038 Relating to refunds from escrow for certain tobacco manufacturers. Signed 05/16/03
2039 Relating to construction liability. Signed 04/21/03
2040 Relating to liability for taxes on unlawful or delinquent insurers or taxpayers. Signed 05/16/03
2056 Relating to the fairness of public works bidding. Signed 05/14/03
2063 Relating to extending the expiration date for reporting requirements on timber purchases. Signed 05/14/03
2064 Relating to a military facilities task force. Signed 04/21/03
2065 Relating to license plate technology. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
2067 Relating to withdrawals of public ground waters for domestic use of clustered residential developments. Signed 05/14/03
2073 Relating to disposing of local government records. Signed 05/12/03
2076 Relating to roles and responsibilities of the higher education coordinating board. Signed 05/07/03
2088 Relating to storm water rates and charges. Signed 05/20/03
2094 Relating to detaining a person for the purpose of allowing a law enforcement investigation. Signed 05/12/03
2111 Relating to performance contracts between the state and institutions of higher education. Signed 05/07/03
2113 Relating to refunds of federal financial aid to students who withdraw from institutions of higher education before the end of a quarter or semester. Signed 05/14/03
2118 Relating to the marketing of microbrew beer at farmers markets. Signed 05/08/03
2132 Relating to public building or construction contracts. Signed 05/16/03
2146 Relating to tax incentives for wood biomass fuel production, distribution, and retail sale. Signed 05/16/03
2151 Relating to prioritizing proposed capital projects of higher education institutions. Signed 06/20/03
2172 Relating to promoting the purchase of fuel cells for the use of distributive generation at state-owned facilities. Signed 05/16/03
2183 Relating to the amount allowed for unbid sewer and water projects. Signed 05/07/03
2186 Relating to making an irrevocable choice to waive rights to the defined benefit under the plan 3 retirement systems. Signed 05/16/03
2192 Relating to parimutuel taxation. Signed 06/26/03
2196 Relating to the revision and variance reporting of noncash deficit-related state agency allotments. Signed 05/09/03
2197 Relating to implementing Initiative Measure No. 790. Signed 04/23/03
2198 Relating to removing the allocation of excess earnings from section 6 of Initiative Measure No. 790. Signed 04/23/03
2202 Relating to cosmetology apprenticeship. Signed 05/20/03
2215 Relating to vehicle dealer documentary service fees. Signed 05/20/03
2223 Relating to interest on building accounts. Signed 05/16/03
2228 Relating to commute trip reduction incentives. Signed 05/19/03
2231 Relating to transportation and financing. Signed / Partial Veto 05/19/03
2242 Relating to the statutory definition of general state revenues. Signed 06/20/03
2252 Relating to social service programs. Signed 06/20/03
2254 Relating to actuarial funding of the state retirement systems. Signed 06/20/03
2257 Relating to the treatment of income and resources for institutionalized persons receiving medical assistance.. Signed 06/26/03
2266 Relating to leave sharing. Signed 06/20/03
2269 Relating to increasing revenue. Signed 06/20/03
2285 Relating to cost-sharing in medical programs. Signed 06/20/03
2294 Relating to retaining and attracting the aerospace industry to Washington state. Signed 06/18/03
2297 Relating to the cancellation of the 2004 presidential primary. Signed 12/09/03

Senate Bills

5001 Relating to assault as a predicate for felony murder. Signed 02/12/03
5006 Relating to nonconsumptive wildlife activities. Signed 05/09/03
5011 Relating to promoting wildlife viewing. Signed 05/09/03
5014 Relating to public water projects. Signed / Partial Veto 05/16/03
5028 Relating to water pollution. Signed 06/20/03
5039 Relating to hepatitis C. Signed 05/14/03
5042 Relating to the department of natural resources’ contractual authority. Signed 05/14/03
5044 Relating to giving notice of the termination of a tenancy. Signed 03/24/03
5049 Relating to veterans’ history awareness month. Signed 05/09/03
5051 Relating to strong beer. Signed 05/09/03
5062 Relating to the recreational salmon and marine fish enhancement program. Signed 05/09/03
5065 Relating to obtaining a geologist license. Signed 05/14/03
5071 Relating to a business and occupation tax rate on certain FAR part 145 certificated repair stations. Signed 06/20/03
5073 Relating to watershed management. Signed / Partial Veto 05/16/03
5074 Relating to the authority of the department of natural resources to contract for the harvest of timber from state trust lands. Signed 05/14/03
5076 Relating to the highest responsible bidder for sales of valuable materials from state-owned aquatic lands. Signed 04/17/03
5088 Relating to certain lands in Tacoma used for school and playground purposes. Signed 04/17/03
5090 Relating to determining which fire fighters or law enforcement officers may elect or be elected to certain pension and disability boards. Signed 04/17/03
5094 Relating to providing optional service credit for substitute service to members of the school employees’ retirement system. Signed 05/09/03
5096 Relating to allowing members of the teachers’ retirement system plan 1 to use extended school years for calculation of their earnable compensation. Signed 04/17/03
5100 Relating to paying survivor benefits in accordance with Title 26 U.S.C. Sec. 101(h) as amended by the Fallen Hero Survivor Benefit Fairness Act of 2001. Signed 04/17/03
5105 Relating to educational interpreters. Signed 05/09/03
5117 Relating to sale, distribution, or installation of air bags. Signed 04/17/03
5120 Relating to drivers convicted of alcohol offenses. Signed 05/20/03
5122 Relating to trademark registration. Signed 04/17/03
5123 Relating to the Washington business corporation act. Signed 04/17/03
5133 Relating to the interstate compact for juveniles. Signed 05/09/03
5134 Relating to border county higher education opportunities. Signed 05/09/03
5135 Relating to increased tuition fees and fees for excess credits taken at institutions of higher education. Signed 05/20/03
5142 Relating to permitting children of certified and classified school employees to enroll at the school where the employee is assigned. Signed / Partial Veto 04/17/03
5144 Relating to protecting forest health. Signed 05/14/03
5156 Relating to the combined fund drive. Signed 05/09/03
5165 Relating to vehicular pursuit by law enforcement officers. Signed 04/17/03
5167 Relating to sellers of travel. Signed 04/17/03
5172 Relating to making technical corrections to the Revised Code of Washington under the authority of RCW 1.08.025. Signed 04/17/03
5176 Relating to providing wildland fire fighting training. Signed 05/14/03
5178 Relating to funding and expenditures for legislative trade hosting and mission activities. Signed 05/14/03
5179 Relating to body-gripping traps. Vetoed 05/20/03
5189 Relating to tuition and fees charged at institutions of higher education to military and naval veterans of the Korean conflict. Signed 05/09/03
5190 Relating to fuel tax evasion. Signed 05/16/03
5204 Relating to enhancing watchable wildlife activities. Signed 05/14/03
5210 Relating to electrician certification. Signed 05/09/03
5211 Relating to collection agencies. Signed 05/09/03
5218 Relating to the timely mailing of absentee and mail ballots. Signed 05/09/03
5221 Relating to reorganization of statutes on elections. Signed 05/07/03
5223 Relating to mental health advance directives. Signed 05/14/03
5224 Relating to the membership of the affordable housing advisory board. Signed 04/17/03
5226 Relating to optometric care and practice. Signed 05/07/03
5229 Relating to a motorcycle skills education program for three-wheeled motorcycles. Signed 04/17/03
5236 Relating to offering health care benefit plans to school district employees. Signed 05/09/03
5237 Relating to regulating the catheterization of students. Signed 05/09/03
5240 Relating to including a classified employee on the Washington professional educator standards board. Vetoed 04/17/03
5244 Relating to powers of unclassified cities. Signed 04/17/03
5245 Relating to involving legislators in transportation planning. Signed 05/16/03
5247 Relating to alternative local option fuel taxes. Signed 05/16/03
5248 Relating to transportation. Signed 05/19/03
5251 Relating to foreign judgments. Signed 04/17/03
5256 Relating to rule-making procedures. Signed 05/09/03
5265 Relating to the marketing of bottled wine at farmers markets. Signed 04/17/03
5271 Relating to claims for hearing loss due to occupational noise exposure. Signed 06/20/03
5273 Relating to the veterans’ scoring criteria in employment examinations. Signed 04/17/03
5274 Relating to funding of the archives division. Signed 05/09/03
5279 Relating to extending the expiration date of the transportation permit efficiency and accountability committee. Signed 03/31/03
5284 Relating to failure to use required traction equipment. Signed 05/16/03
5290 Relating to authorizing continued receipt of criminal history information by the horse racing commission. Signed 04/17/03
5299 Relating to tariff and price list notices. Signed 05/09/03
5305 Relating to the availability of construction aggregates used in transportation and construction projects. Signed 05/12/03
5310 Relating to bond requirements for title insurance agents. Signed 05/09/03
5321 Relating to payment agreements. Signed 04/17/03
5327 Relating to dental hygienists. Signed 05/12/03
5335 Relating to the definition of a motorcycle helmet. Signed 05/09/03
5341 Relating to a new quality maintenance fee levied on nursing facilities. Signed 06/20/03
5343 Relating to watershed planning. Signed 05/16/03
5358 Relating to high school diplomas for veterans of the Korean conflict. Signed 05/12/03
5363 Relating to funding for the community economic revitalization board. Signed 05/08/03
5374 Relating to the election account. Signed 04/17/03
5379 Relating to dependency petition hearings. Signed 05/12/03
5389 Relating to clean and sober housing. Signed 05/20/03
5396 Relating to court-imposed conditions of deferred prosecutions. Signed 05/12/03
5401 Relating to the capital budget. Signed / Partial Veto 06/26/03
5403 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto 04/09/03
5404 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto 06/26/03
5407 Relating to franchise agreements between motorsports vehicle dealers and manufacturers. Signed 05/16/03
5409 Relating to providing a new direct petition annexation method. Signed 05/16/03
5410 Relating to public information about registered sex offenders. Signed 05/12/03
5413 Relating to allowing out-of-state licenses to practice commercial real estate. Signed 05/09/03
5425 Relating to the total outstanding indebtedness of the higher education facilities authority. Signed 04/23/03
5429 Relating to the Performance Registration Information Systems Management Program ((PRISM). Signed 04/23/03
5434 Relating to electricians. Signed 05/12/03
5437 Relating to appeals from decisions by the school district regional committee. Signed 05/20/03
5448 Relating to tuition-setting authority at institutions of higher education. Signed 05/12/03
5450 Relating to providing incentives to reduce air pollution through the licensing and use of neighborhood electric vehicles. Signed 05/16/03
5452 Relating to check cashers and sellers. Signed 04/23/03
5457 Relating to posting of hazards to motorcycles. Signed 05/16/03
5463 Relating to a pilot project for military and overseas voters to vote over the Internet. Signed 06/20/03
5473 Relating to providing law enforcement officers with training in interaction with persons with a developmental disability or mental illness. Signed 05/14/03
5477 Relating to delivery of endorsements by recording officers. Signed 05/12/03
5497 Relating to moving and relocation expenses. Signed 05/16/03
5505 Relating to courses of study options offered by public high schools. Signed 04/17/03
5507 Relating to standing before growth management hearings boards. Signed 05/16/03
5509 Relating to the organ donor registry. Signed 05/06/03
5512 Relating to small business economic impact statements. Signed 05/09/03
5515 Relating to the board of industrial insurance appeals. Signed 05/12/03
5520 Relating to authorizing the ferry system to use alternative public works contracting procedures. Signed 05/16/03
5545 Relating to fees for certified copies of vital records. Signed 05/12/03
5550 Relating to prohibiting secure community transition facilities from being sited near public and private youth camps. Signed 04/17/03
5560 Relating to the prohibition of sales of alcohol on university grounds. Signed 04/17/03
5561 Relating to restrictions on assignments under Article 9A of the uniform commercial code. Signed 04/23/03
5570 Relating to communication with a minor for immoral purposes. Signed 04/16/03
5574 Relating to district court jurisdiction over actions involving commercial electronic mail. Signed 04/16/03
5575 Relating to small irrigation impoundments. Signed 05/16/03
5579 Relating to boarding homes. Signed 05/12/03
5586 Relating to granting authority to address concerns with lead-based paint activities. Signed 05/16/03
5592 Relating to garnishments. Signed 05/12/03
5596 Relating to custodial assault at juvenile rehabilitation facilities and institutions. Signed 05/12/03
5600 Relating to disposition of returned license plates. Signed 05/16/03
5601 Relating to physicians providing care at community clinics. Signed 05/12/03
5602 Relating to accommodating housing and employment growth for local jurisdictions planning under RCW 36.70A.040. Signed 05/16/03
5616 Relating to insurer foreign investments. Signed 05/12/03
5632 Relating to utility relocation costs. Vetoed 04/23/03
5641 Relating to civil and criminal penalties for the unlawful transaction of insurance or health coverage. Signed 05/12/03
5651 Relating to urban industrial land banks in counties with low population densities. Signed 04/23/03
5654 Relating to fire protection in newly incorporated cities and towns. Signed 05/12/03
5659 Relating to authorizing additional funding for local governments. Signed / Partial Veto 06/20/03
5662 Relating to the community economic revitalization board. Signed 05/08/03
5676 Relating to higher education financial assistance. Signed 05/12/03
5694 Relating to an integrated permit system. Signed 05/12/03
5705 Relating to changing provisions on the department of services for the blind. Signed 05/20/03
5713 Relating to electrical work. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
5716 Relating to crimes involving drivers’ licenses and identicards. Signed 05/12/03
5719 Relating to fraudulent use of a credit card scanning device. Signed 04/17/03
5720 Relating to identifying users of credit and debit cards. Signed 04/23/03
5725 Relating to providing tax incentives to support the semiconductor cluster in Washington state. Signed 05/08/03
5726 Relating to eligibility to be a director of a cooperative association. Signed 05/12/03
5737 Relating to reporting abandoned property. Signed 05/12/03
5748 Relating to transportation-related performance audits. Signed 05/19/03
5749 Relating to hearings concerning violations by sex offenders of postrelease conditions. Signed 05/12/03
5751 Relating to sales of valuable materials. Signed 05/20/03
5758 Relating to technical reorganization of criminal statutes to simplify citation to offenses. Signed 04/17/03
5761 Relating to industrial projects of statewide significance. Signed 04/17/03
5766 Relating to providing businesses with notice of administrative rules. Signed 05/12/03
5769 Relating to regional transportation investment district bond authority. Signed 05/20/03
5776 Relating to review of permit decisions by state agencies and local governments for economic development projects. Signed 05/20/03
5779 Relating to sibling relationships for dependent children. Signed 05/12/03
5780 Relating to the municipal criminal justice assistance account. Signed 04/23/03
5783 Relating to implementing the streamlined sales and use tax agreement. Signed 05/09/03
5785 Relating to the use of a vehicle on a nonhighway road or trail. Signed 05/20/03
5786 Relating to rural development. Signed 05/08/03
5787 Relating to the use of a leaching test in state water quality certifications. Signed 05/09/03
5811 Relating to the involvement of the birth family in foster care. Signed 05/12/03
5824 Relating to allowing rural fire protection districts to contract with cities for ambulance services and impose a monthly utility service charge on each developed residential property located in the fire protection district. Signed 05/09/03
5829 Relating to nursing technicians. Signed 05/12/03
5865 Relating to recreation facilities. Signed 05/20/03
5868 Relating to driving abstracts of prospective volunteers. Signed 05/20/03
5889 Relating to animal feeding operations. Signed 05/16/03
5890 Relating to a pilot project by the department of labor and industries to determine the feasibility and benefits for medical monitoring of agricultural workers. Signed 05/12/03
5891 Relating to livestock identification. Signed 05/16/03
5893 Relating to fish and wildlife automated recreational licensing. Signed 05/20/03
5898 Relating to recreational boating. Signed 05/20/03
5903 Relating to juvenile offender sentences. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
5908 Relating to capital construction of and bonding for facilities for institutions of higher education. Signed 06/20/03
5912 Relating to a state produce railcar pool. Signed 05/09/03
5933 Relating to cigarette tax contracts. Signed 05/12/03
5935 Relating to consolidation of state declared fire mobilization responsibilities within the Washington state patrol. Signed 05/20/03
5937 Relating to additions to the scenic and recreational highway system. Signed 04/17/03
5938 Relating to financial responsibility requirements for vessels. Signed 04/17/03
5942 Relating to licensing requirements for elevator mechanics and contractors. Signed 05/07/03
5959 Relating to allowing approaches to partially controlled limited access highways for the deployment of personal wireless facilities. Signed / Partial Veto 05/09/03
5966 Relating to increasing the supply of dentists to meet the critical shortage of dental providers in this state and underserved areas. Signed 04/17/03
5970 Relating to correcting a technical error to clarify that the family law handbook shall be provided when a person applies for a marriage license. Signed 05/12/03
5974 Relating to the exercise of sound business practices to enhance revenues for Washington State Ferries. Signed 05/20/03
5977 Relating to the use of state highway rights of way for the deployment of personal wireless service facilities. Signed / Partial Veto 05/12/03
5989 Relating to pilot members of the board of pilotage commissioners. Signed 04/17/03
5990 Relating to times and supervision standards for release of offenders. Signed 05/20/03
5991 Relating to changing minimum requirements for the existing secure community transition facility. Signed 05/12/03
5994 Relating to removing suppliers and distributors of wine from the provisions of chapter 19.126 RCW. Signed 04/17/03
5995 Relating to collective bargaining agreements in the construction trades concerning meal and rest periods. Signed 05/07/03
5996 Relating to hosting the 2005 conference of the national conference of state legislatures and other government conferences. Signed / Partial Veto 05/20/03
6012 Relating to shoreline management. Signed 05/14/03
6023 Relating to increasing certain assessments and penalties imposed by courts. Signed 05/20/03
6026 Relating to authorizing special assessments to fund convention and tourism promotion. Signed 05/08/03
6052 Relating to alternative route teacher certification. Signed 05/20/03
6054 Relating to clarifying the application of the industrial welfare act to public employers. Signed 05/20/03
6056 Relating to fees, taxes, and penalties for pilots and aircraft. Signed 05/20/03
6057 Relating to basic health care plan enrollment. Signed 05/12/03
6058 Relating to the distribution of state property taxes. Signed 06/20/03
6059 Relating to teachers’ cost-of-living increases. Signed 06/20/03
6062 Relating to authorizing bonds for transportation funding. Signed 05/07/03
6072 Relating to funding pollution abatement and response. Signed / Partial Veto 05/14/03
6073 Relating to authorizing the increase of shellfish license fees to fund shellfish biotoxin testing and monitoring. Signed 05/14/03
6074 Relating to vessels. Signed 04/23/03
6087 Relating to transferring funds to the site closure account. Signed 06/20/03
6088 Relating to making prescription drugs more affordable to seniors, the disabled, and state health care programs. Signed 06/26/03
6092 Relating to including a classified employee on the Washington professional educator standards board. Signed 06/20/03
6093 Relating to funding and expenditures for official legislative association conferences. Signed 06/20/03
6097 Relating to revising the unemployment compensation system through creating forty rate classes for determining employer contribution rates. Signed / Partial Veto 06/20/03
6099 Relating to making appropriations for the payment of expenses related to the implementation of 2ESB 6097. Signed 06/20/03

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