2002 Bill Action

Updated April 5, 2002

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House Bills

1005 Relating to public utility rights of way on aquatic lands. Signed 03/26
1079 Relating to state buildings. Signed 03/27
1144 Relating to the WorkFirst program participation exemption. Signed 03/22
1166 Relating to entities eligible to be project sponsors for salmon recovery funding board grants. Signed 03/28
1189 Relating to the protection of archaeological sites. Signed 03/28
1196 Relating to parking and business improvement areas. Signed 03/21
1248 Relating to allowing victims of domestic violence or stalking to receive unemployment insurance benefits. Signed 03/12
1268 Relating to personnel. Signed / Partial Veto 04/03
1395 Relating to job retention in rural counties. Signed 03/28
1397 Relating to children placed in the care of relatives. Signed 03/26
1411 Relating to public notification of releases of hazardous substances. Signed 04/01
1444 Relating to preventing harassment, intimidation, or bullying in schools. Signed / Partial Veto 03/27
1460 Relating to enforcement of safety belt laws. Signed 04/02
1477 Relating to the imposition of taxes by counties for emergency communication systems and facilities. Signed 03/27
1512 Relating to sexual exploitation of minors. Signed 03/21
1521 Relating to authorizing the state treasurer to distribute interest from the local leasehold excise tax account. Signed 03/27
1531 Relating to the taxation of lodging. Signed / Partial Veto 03/27
1646 Relating to alternative educational service providers. Signed 04/02
1741 Relating to health care benefits for blind vendors. Signed 03/21
1759 Relating to the sale of hypodermic syringes. Signed / Partial Veto 03/28
1856 Relating to excused absences from school for search and rescue activities. Signed 03/28
1938 Relating to sabotage resulting damage to land, facilities, and property. Signed 03/27
2015 Relating to protecting personal information. Signed 03/22
2031 Relating to limiting the taxation of payphone services. Signed 03/27
2060 Relating to funds for operating and maintenance of low-income housing projects and for innovative housing demonstration projects. Signed 04/02
2100 Relating to increasing bid limits for the alternative bid procedure under RCW 39.04.190. Signed 03/21
2160/ Relating to the separate reserve fund maintained by a charitable gift annuity business. Signed 04/02
2169 Relating to fire districts’ options for issuing warrants. Signed 03/27
2224 Relating to licensing specialty producers of certain lines of insurance. Signed 04/04
2284 Relating to the disqualification of drivers of commercial motor vehicles. Signed 03/27
2285 Relating to dyed special fuel. Signed 03/27
2286 Relating to certificates of ownership for stolen vehicles. Signed 03/29
2288 Relating to environmental mitigation sites. Signed 03/27
2289 Relating to assessments for planting stock certification and nursery improvement programs. Signed 03/28
2299 Relating to defining person under the business corporation act, uniform limited partnership act, and limited liability company act. Signed 04/02
2301 Relating to authorizing electronic notice and other communications under the Washington business corporation act. Signed 04/02
2302 Relating to application methods for unemployment insurance temporary total disability determinations. Signed 03/21
2303 Relating to correcting rate class 16 in schedule B by amending RCW 50.29.025 and making no other changes. Vetoed 03/21
2304 Relating to transportation. Signed 01/30
2305 Relating to clarifying the application of shoreline master program guidelines and master programs to agricultural activities on agricultural lands. Signed 04/02
2308 Relating to recycling and waste reduction. Signed 04/02
2309 Relating to the authority of the Washington state board of denturists. Signed 03/27
2311 Relating to small forest landowners. Signed 03/26
2313 Relating to electronic filing and registration. Signed 03/21
2315 Relating to recreation therapy. Signed 03/28
2317 Relating to technical changes to Title 48 RCW. Signed 04/02
2318 Relating to the insurance commissioner’s participation on the Washington health care facilities authority. Signed 03/22
2320 Relating to reporting contributions under the public disclosure act. Signed 03/21
2323 Relating to commercial fishers. Signed 04/02
2325 Relating to donated food. Signed 03/28
2326 Relating to the Washington climate and rural energy development center. Signed / Partial Veto 03/29
2332 Relating to a statewide voter registration data base. Signed / Partial Veto 03/27
2338 Relating to the recommendations of the sentencing guidelines commission regarding drug offenses. Signed 04/01
2345 Relating to the duty of a driver in an accident. Signed 03/27
2346 Relating to the uniform parentage act. Signed / Partial Veto 04/02
2347 Relating to the uniform interstate family support act. Signed 03/27
2352 Relating to transferring statewide risk management functions from the department of general administration to the office of financial management. Signed 04/03
2357 Relating to community renewal. Signed 03/28
2358 Relating to annexation of unincorporated territory with boundaries contiguous to two municipal corporations. Signed 03/21
2365 Relating to increasing the size of the state investment board. Signed 04/02
2366 Relating to funding and expenditures of the secretary of state. Signed / Partail Veto 04/04
2370 Relating to county road engineers. Signed 03/12
2376 Relating to abandoned and derelict vessels. Signed 04/01
2379 Relating to leaving a child with a sex offender. Signed 03/27
2380 Relating to children offenders. Signed 03/27
2381 Relating to the trafficking of persons. Signed 03/12
2382 Relating to criminal mistreatment. Signed 03/28
2386 Relating to classifying members of the Washington national guard as resident students. Signed 03/27
2397 Relating to organic food products. Signed 03/28
2399 Relating to Class IV forest practices in urbanizing areas. Signed 03/26
2400 Relating to installing recreational docks and mooring buoys. Signed 04/02
2401 Relating to assaults to employees of the department of natural resources. Signed 03/21
2403 Relating to labor relations at the public four-year institutions of higher education. Signed / Partial Veto 04/04
2407 Relating to establishing the authority to create and operate regional jails. Signed 03/26
2414 Relating to the professional educator standards board. Signed 03/22
2415 Relating to qualifications for public school principals and vice principals. Signed 03/21
2421 Relating to public access to records concerning security assessments or plans at correctional facilities. Signed 03/27
2425 Relating to the community economic revitalization board. Signed 03/28
2426 Relating to acting for commercial purposes under the fish and wildlife code. Signed 03/26
2432 Relating to driving record abstracts furnished to transit authorities. Signed 03/28
2435 Relating to duplicate fish and wildlife documents. Signed 03/28
2437 Relating to downtown and neighborhood commercial districts. Signed 03/21
2438 Relating to the participation in the running start program by institutions of higher education. Signed 03/21
2441 Relating to amending the authority and duties of the joint committee on energy supply. Signed 03/27
2444 Relating to regulation of adult family home providers and resident managers. Signed 03/28
2446 Relating to state agency review of water and sewer general comprehensive plans. Signed 03/27
2450 Relating to the trade center act. Signed 03/26
2451 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed / Partial Veto 04/04
2453 Relating to exemptions from public inspection. Signed 03/28
2456 Relating to the linked deposit program. Signed 04/02
2466 Relating to the multiple-unit dwellings property tax exemption. Signed 03/26
2467 Relating to distribution of taxes by the county treasurer. Signed 03/21
2468 Relating to the convicted offender DNA data base. Signed 04/01
2470 Relating to plumbing contractors. Signed 03/21
2471 Relating to the methodology of determining the number of district court judges. Signed 03/21
2491 Relating to inspection of facilities used for temporary storage and processing of agricultural commodities. Signed 03/26
2493 Relating to volunteer fire fighters. Signed 03/12
2495 Relating to updating outdated fire district statutes to increase efficiency. Signed 03/21
2496 Relating to fire protection district property taxes. Signed 03/27
2498 Relating to establishing a pilot program authorizing designation of industrial land banks outside urban growth areas under certain circumstances. Signed 04/02
2501 Relating to chiropractic care. Signed 03/28
2502 Relating to the forest products commission. Signed / Partial Veto 03/29
2505 Relating to instruction in civil disorder. Signed 04/03
2506 Relating to the joint task force on green building. Signed 04/02
2511 Relating to robbery within a financial institution. Signed 03/21
2512 Relating to the uniform regulation of business and professions pertaining to programs administered by the department of licensing. Signed 03/21
2513 Relating to timeshare interest reservations. Signed 03/28
2522 Relating to the purchasing of clean technologies. Signed 04/01
2526 Relating to exemptions from the state environmental policy act for reductions of city limits and disincorporations. Signed 03/22
2527 Relating to revising certain day labor limits to account for inflation. Signed 03/22
2536 Relating to offering health care benefit plans to school district employees. Signed 03/26
2537 Relating to authorization for projects recommended by the public works board. Signed 03/28
2540 Relating to collective bargaining for University of Washington employees who are enrolled in academic programs. Signed 03/14
2541 Relating to interlocal agreements for jail services. Signed 03/26
2544 Relating to using credit history for insurance purposes. Signed 04/04
2550 Relating to the process of applying for a license or solicitation permit from the insurance commissioner. Signed 03/28
2553 Relating to increasing the number of eligible tribes for cigarette tax contracts. Signed 03/21
2557 Relating to metropolitan park districts. Signed 03/21
2560 Relating to driver training schools. Signed 03/27
2568 Relating to formalizing the relationship between the department of social and health services and the state school for the deaf. Signed 03/28
2570 Relating to extending the time period for federal assurances related to the forests and fish report. Signed 03/28
2571 Relating to authorizing port districts to pay claims or other obligations by check or warrant. Signed 03/22
2574 Relating to a children’s system of care. Signed 04/02
2588 Relating to information required to appear on a prescription label. Signed 03/22
2589 Relating to licensure of audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Signed 04/02
2592 Relating to community revitalization financing under chapter 39.89 RCW. Signed 03/12
2595 Relating to a state wireless enhanced 911 excise tax. Signed 04/03
2605 Relating to aggregating value for purposes of determining the degree of theft. Signed 03/22
2610 Relating to the endangerment of children and dependent persons with a controlled substance. Signed 03/28
2623 Relating to adjusting the dollar threshold for substantial development under the shoreline management act. Signed 03/28
2625 Relating to eliminating the exclusivity of gill net gear in certain waters. Signed 04/02
2629 Relating to licensing elevator contractors and mechanics. Signed 03/22
2639 Relating to extending the prohibition on taxes or fees specific to internet service providers. Signed 03/27
2641 Relating to implementing the recommendations of the investment income tax deduction task force for the business and occupation tax. Signed 03/26
2648 Relating to the office of financial management. Signed / Partial Veto 04/02
2655 Relating to protection orders. Signed 03/26
2657 Relating to agricultural products purchased for state institutions and state-supported facilities. Signed 03/27
2662 Relating to making payroll deductions for individual providers as defined in RCW 74.39A.240(4). Signed 03/22
2663 Relating to occupational diseases affecting fire fighters. Signed / Partial Veto 04/03
2669 Relating to use of animal waste as a qualified alternative energy resource. Signed 03/27
2671 Relating to a permit assistance center within the department of ecology. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26
2672 Relating to limiting the liability of providers of treatment to high risk offenders. Signed 03/27
2673 Relating to weight limits on fire-fighting apparatus. Signed 03/28
2688 Relating to regulating commodity boards and commissions. Signed 04/02
2697 Relating to incorporating effective economic development planning into growth management planning. Signed 03/26
2699 Relating to communications with government branches or agencies and self-regulatory organizations. Signed 03/28
2707 Relating to long-term caregiver training. Signed 03/28
2715 Relating to marketing funds for the state convention and trade center. Signed 03/27
2723 Relating to modifying the Public-Private Transportation Initiatives Act by authorizing state financing and administration of toll facilities. Signed 03/22
2732 Relating to the tax treatment of revenue from federal or state subsidized health care. Signed 04/02
2736 Relating to research by state universities. Signed 03/26
2748 Relating to monitoring programs for the education of highly capable students. Signed 03/28
2754 Relating to mandatory arbitration. Signed 04/03
2758 Relating to establishing the agricultural conservation easements program. Signed 04/01
2765 Relating to timber and forest lands. Signed 04/02
2767 Relating to public assistance electronic benefit cards. Signed 03/29
2768 Relating to reports to the legislature by the department of social and health services. Vetoed 04/03
2773 Relating to sales of fruit. Signed 03/28
2782 Relating to implementing the results of the 1995-2000 actuarial experience study. Signed 03/01
2800 Relating to the capital projects surcharge. Signed 03/27
2807 Relating to higher education scholarships. Signed 03/27
2809 Relating to forest pesticide application. Signed 03/26
2819 Relating to Bush act and Callow act lands. Signed 03/26
2824 Relating to conflict of interest provisions for the long-term care ombudsman program. Signed 03/22
2834 Relating to requiring a medication or treatment order as a condition for children with life-threatening conditions to attend public school. Signed 03/22
2841 Relating to the appointment of a student member to the higher education coordinating board. Signed 03/26
2846 Relating to requiring specific funding to implement the buildable lands review and evaluation program. Vetoed 04/05
2866 Relating to hydraulic permits. Signed / Partial Veto 04/05
2867 Relating to mitigating the effects of the aquatic pesticide national pollutant discharge elimination system permit required as a result of a recent federal court decision. Signed 04/04
2874 Relating to agreements for allocation of ground waters that exist as a result of the Columbia basin project. Signed 04/03
2892 Relating to selling apples for fresh consumption. Signed 04/02
2893 Relating to equipment dealers. Signed 03/28
2895 Relating to allowing port employees to join more than one retirement plan subject to a labor agreement. Signed 04/04
2901 Relating to unemployment insurance. Signed / Partial Veto 03/26
2902 Relating to local government utility authority. Signed 03/22
2907 Relating to fund-raising efforts for the state legislative building renovation project. Signed 03/27
2914 Relating to creating a financial aid account to ensure that all statewide student financial aid is made available. Vetoed 04/03
2918 Relating to authorizing bona fide charitable and nonprofit organizations to conduct bingo. Signed 04/05
2926 Relating to a state library. Signed 04/03
2969 Relating to transportation improvement and financing. Signed 03/27
2993 Relating to water policy. Signed 04/03
3011 Relating to local effort assistance. Signed 04/02

Senate Bills

5064 Relating to cheating at gambling. Signed 03/29
5082 Relating to defining rural counties for purposes of sales and use tax for public facilities. Signed 03/27
5097 Relating to displaying flags. Signed 04/02
5099 Relating to the designation of licensed dental directors by carriers offering dental only coverage. Signed 03/22
5138 Relating to vehicles exempt from stopping at weighing stations. Signed 03/29
5166 Relating to branches of member institutions of accrediting associations recognized by rule of the higher education coordinating board. Signed 03/27
5207 Relating to individually identifiable DNA testing information. Signed 04/02
5209 Relating to the sale of surplus real property by the department of transportation. Signed 03/29
5236 Relating to the safety of newborn children. Signed 04/03
5264 Relating to unfair practices by public employers with respect to eligibility for employment-based benefits. Signed 03/27
5291 Relating to immunizations at long-term care facilities. Signed 03/29
5292 Relating to modifying definitions of public energy projects. Signed 03/27
5354 Relating to mobile home relocation assistance. Signed 03/29
5369 Relating to jurisdiction in child support matters. Signed 03/27
5373 Relating to mandatory arbitration of civil actions. Signed 04/03
5400 Relating to clarifying the authority of the community economic revitalization board to make loans and grants to political subdivisions and federally recognized Indian tribes for public facilities. Signed 03/28
5433 Relating to the establishment of parent and child relationship for children born through alternative reproductive medical technology. Signed 03/12
5513 Relating to motorist assault upon department of transportation employees. Signed 04/03
5514 Relating to public facilities districts. Signed / Partial Veto 04/04
5523 Relating to overpayments of tax concerning leased equipment when a remedy to refund the overpayment no longer exists under the nonclaim statute. Signed 03/21
5543 Relating to school safety. Signed 03/27
5552 Relating to border county higher education opportunities. Signed 03/26
5594 Relating to the consolidation of housing authorities. Signed 03/29
5624 Relating to the disclosure of fire protection and building safety information. Signed 03/29
5626 Relating to the definition of veteran. Signed 04/02
5629 Relating to the office of financial management’s budgeting, accounting, and reporting requirements for state agencies. Signed 03/29
5692 Relating to authorizing the participation of youth as decision makers in dispositions of minor offenses and rules violations. Signed 03/28
5735 Relating to motorcycle taillights. Signed 03/27
5748 Relating to integration of transportation and land use planning. Signed 03/27
5777 Relating to health care benefits for retirees of local government employers. Signed 04/02
5823 Relating to repealing student improvement goals. Signed 03/26
5827 Relating to enforcement of judgments. Signed 03/29
5832 Relating to enabling counties planning under chapter 36.70A RCW to create nine lots in a short subdivision within a designated urban growth area. Signed 03/29
5841 Relating to establishing a schedule for review of comprehensive plans and development regulations adopted under the growth management act. Signed 04/02
5852 Relating to reporting on issues pertaining to racial profiling. Signed 03/12
5949 Relating to erecting and maintaining motorist information sign panels. Signed 04/02
5954 Relating to obsolete racial terminology. Signed 04/02
5965 Relating to local option real estate excise taxes for affordable housing purposes. Signed 04/03
5999 Relating to the Washington telephone assistance program. Signed 03/22
6001 Relating to inspections of tenant dwelling units by fire department officials for fire code violations. Signed 03/29
6008 Relating to commute trip reduction incentives. Signed 03/27
6036 Relating to local motor vehicle excise taxes. Signed / Partial Veto 03/01
6037 Relating to authorizing animal care and control agencies and nonprofit humane societies to provide limited veterinarian services. Signed 03/27
6060 Relating to updating references for purposes of the hazardous substances tax for periods beginning July 1, 2002. Signed 03/22
6061 Relating to requiring quarterly meetings of municipal firemen’s pension boards. Signed 03/12
6076 Relating to law enforcement officers of the department of fish and wildlife. Signed 03/26
6080 Relating to updating and harmonizing fireworks and explosives laws. Signed 04/05
6140 Relating to the creation of regional transportation investment districts. Signed / Partial Veto 03/21
6232 Relating to possession of ammonia. Signed 03/26
6233 Relating to possession of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and ammonia. Signed 03/26
6234 Relating to requiring a date certain for the payment of insurance premiums. Signed 04/03
6240 Relating to notice to felons regarding restoration of voting rights. Signed 03/12
6241 Relating to Christmas trees. Signed 03/12
6242 Relating to nonprobate asset beneficiary designation. Signed 03/12
6248 Relating to funding bicycle and pedestrian safety. Signed 03/29
6254 Relating to the fruit and vegetable inspection account. Signed 04/02
6264 Relating to chiropractors at boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts events. Signed 03/26
6266 Relating to updating creditor/debtor personal property exemptions. Signed 03/29
6267 Relating to the principal and income act. Signed 04/03
6272 Relating to contracting for medical care services under chapter 71.09 RCW. Signed 03/21
6282 Relating to motorcycle skills education. Signed 03/27
6283 Relating to competitive bidding requirements for public hospital districts. Signed 03/22
6286 Relating to the time permitted for review by the indeterminate sentence review board of sex offenders who are sentenced to short sentences under RCW 9.94A.712. Signed 03/27
6287 Relating to the status of persons who commit criminal offenses while civilly detained or committed under chapter 71.09 RCW. Signed 03/12
6292 Relating to authorizing lay judicial officers. Signed 03/26
6293 Relating to venue for courts of limited jurisdiction. Signed 03/21
6296 Relating to the timeline for submission of a redistricting plan by the redistricting commission. Signed 01/22
6301 Relating to group fishing permits. Signed 03/29
6313 Relating to derelict fishing gear. Signed 03/12
6316 Relating to electric personal assistive mobility devices. Signed 03/29
6321 Relating to electronically filing declarations of candidacy. Signed 03/26
6324 Relating to a statewide voter registration data base. Signed 03/12
6326 Relating to filing reports with the insurance commissioner. Signed 03/12
6328 Relating to the definition of cherry harvest temporary labor camp. Signed 03/12
6329 Relating to exempting certain hybrid vehicles from emission control inspection requirements. Signed 03/12
6338 Relating to the consumer loan act. Signed 04/03
6341 Relating to amending the judicial review of sex offender registration to comply with federal funding requirements. Signed 03/12
6342 Relating to authorizing the simplified sales and use tax administration act. Signed 03/29
6347 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed / Partial Veto 03/27
6350 Relating to county funding of state highway improvements. Signed 03/21
6351 Relating to safety of school employees and students. Signed 03/27
6353 Relating to migratory bird stamps. Signed 04/01
6364 Relating to the recommendations of the joint legislative task force on mobile/manufactured home alteration and repair. Signed 03/29
6372 Relating to the combined fund drive. Signed 03/21
6374 Relating to correcting errors and oversights in certain retirement system statutes. Signed 03/12
6375 Relating to conforming the Washington state retirement systems to federal requirements on veterans. Signed 03/12
6376 Relating to the transfer of seasonal and military leave of absence employees to the public employees’ retirement system plan 3. Signed 03/27
6378 Relating to part-time leaves of absence for law enforcement members of the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ retirement system plan 2. Signed 03/12
6379 Relating to transferring service credit and contributions into the Washington state patrol retirement system by members who served as commercial vehicle enforcement officers and who became commissioned officers in the Washington state patrol after July 1, 2000, and prior to June 30, 2001. Signed 03/29
6380 Relating to creating new survivor benefit division options for divorced members of the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ retirement system, the teachers’ retirement system, the school employees’ retirement system, the public employees’ retirement system, and the Washington state patrol retirement system. Signed 03/27
6381 Relating to public employees’ retirement system plan 1 members who separate from service without withdrawing their contributions from the retirement system. Signed 03/21
6387 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto 04/05
6389 Relating to the ability to place the United States flag on school district buses. Signed 03/12
6396 Relating to the capital budget. Signed / Partail Veto 03/28
6400 Relating to biodiversity conservation. Signed 04/01
6401 Relating to standardizing references to county clerks. Signed 03/12
6402 Relating to legal financial obligation deductions from inmate funds and wages. Signed 03/26
6408 Relating to restoring sex offender registration for nonfelony communication with a minor convictions. Signed 03/12
6409 Relating to construction defect claims asserting property loss and damage. Signed 04/02
6412 Relating to international matchmaking organizations. Signed 03/26
6416 Relating to allowing public utility districts to define the eligible group of low-income citizens to whom they may provide services at reduced rates. Signed 03/29
6417 Relating to the filing of wills in superior court. Signed 03/29
6422 Relating to crimes involving property of another person. Signed 03/12
6423 Relating to use of criminal history in sentencing decisions. Signed 03/22
6425 Relating to authorizing access to school meal programs and kitchen facilities. Signed 03/14
6426 Relating to use of employer-granted leave to care for family members with serious medical conditions. Signed 03/29
6428 Relating to state agency loss prevention. Signed 04/03
6429 Relating to expressions of benevolence, sympathy, and regret. Signed 04/03
6430 Relating to high school diplomas for World War II veterans. Signed 03/14
6439 Relating to exemptions from disclosure of public records for domestic security purposes. Signed 04/03
6449 Relating to allowing entrance and exit fees under limited circumstances. Signed 03/21
6456 Relating to authorizing the academic achievement and accountability commission to set performance improvement goals for certain disaggregated groups of students and dropout goals. Signed 03/14
6457 Relating to athlete agents. Signed 03/26
6460 Relating to funding local government research services. Signed 03/14
6461 Relating to positive drug or alcohol test results of commercial motor vehicle operators. Signed 03/29
6464 Relating to city transportation authority. Signed / Partial Veto 03/29
6465 Relating to county auditors. Signed 03/26
6466 Relating to county treasurer administration. Signed 03/27
6469 Relating to information concerning mental health services provided to offenders. Signed 03/14
6471 Relating to labeling of agricultural products by place of origin. Signed / Partial Veto 03/14
6481 Relating to regulating insurance for rental vehicles. Signed 03/29
6482 Relating to removing time limits for treatment under the alcohol and drug addiction treatment and support act. Signed 03/21
6483 Relating to regulating securities. Signed 03/21
6484 Relating to federal estate tax benefits for conservation easements. Signed 03/21
6488 Relating to a statewide registered sex offender web site. Signed 03/26
6490 Relating to motor vehicle theft. Signed 04/02
6491 Relating to meeting federal standards for criminal background checks for the liquor control board and the gambling commission. Signed 03/26
6505 Relating to local improvement districts. Signed 03/14
6508 Relating to registering pesticides. Signed 03/29
6511 Relating to judges pro tempore. Signed 03/26
6515 Relating to clarifying the uses of the school district capital projects fund to include the costs of implementing technology facilities plans. Signed 03/29
6526 Relating to renewing contracts of insurance that are subject to RCW 48.18.290. Signed 04/03
6529 Relating to holding or lapsing elections due to vacancies in public office. Signed 03/22
6530 Relating to salvage vehicles Signed 03/29
6535 Relating to the chemical dependency disposition alternative. Signed 03/14
6537 Relating to emergency care for victims of sexual assault. Signed 03/26
6538 Relating to ballast water. Signed / Partial Veto 04/01
6539 Relating to implementing the federal mobile telecommunications sourcing act. Signed 03/21
6553 Relating to invasive aquatic species. Signed 04/01
6557 Relating to the selection of the chair of the higher education coordinating board. Signed / Partial Veto 04/03
6558 Relating to the governance of the Washington state school for the deaf. Signed 03/28
6560 Relating to the shared game lottery revenues for education purposes. Signed 04/03
6571 Relating to information about ballot measures. Signed 03/26
6572 Relating to conservation district supervisors. Signed 03/14
6575 Relating to natural area preserves. Signed 04/01
6577 Relating to identification of subcontractors on public works contracts. Signed 03/27
6578 Relating to leases for personal wireless communication facilities. Signed 03/14
6587 Relating to eye banks. Signed 03/14
6588 Relating to food service rules. Vetoed 04/04
6591 Relating to revising the tobacco products tax by imposing the tax upon those persons who acquire tobacco products for resale from persons who are immune from state tax. Signed 04/02
6594 Relating to the implementation of the recommendations of the joint select committee on the equitable distribution of secure community transition facilities. Signed 03/21
6596 Relating to the number of district court judges in Spokane county. Signed 03/26
6597 Relating to alternative public works contracting procedures. Signed 03/14
6600 Relating to authorizing unclassified position appointments in city or town police departments. Signed 03/26
6601 Relating to allowing a licensed distiller, domestic brewery, microbrewery, or domestic winery to sell liquor at a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant located on contiguous property that is leased by that licensed distiller, domestic brewery, microbrewery, or domestic winery. Signed 03/22
6602 Relating to extortion in the second degree. Signed 03/14
6609 Relating to studies conducted by the department of ecology. Signed / Partial Veto 04/04
6624 Relating to well construction. Signed 03/14
6627 Relating to community service. Signed / Partial Veto 03/27
6628 Relating to probationary periods of campus police officer appointees. Signed 03/22
6629 Relating to a family law handbook. Signed 03/14
6630 Relating to certification of electricians. Signed 03/29
6635 Relating to a notice and appeal process for animal control authorities. Signed 03/29
6641 Relating to accommodating children with diabetes in schools. Signed 04/03
6652 Relating to cosmetology, barbering, manicuring, and esthetics. Signed 03/22
6658 Relating to clarifying the types of energy conservation projects a public utility may assist its customers in financing. Signed 03/29
6664 Relating to the department of corrections’ authority to require offenders eligible for release to community custody status in lieu of earned release to propose a release plan that complies with the department’s program for placing offenders in the community in lieu of early release. Signed 03/14
6665 Relating to state route 167. Signed 03/26
6675 Relating to prohibiting health care facilities from requiring employees to perform overtime work. Signed 03/22
6691 Relating to authorizing less-than-countywide port districts with five commissioners with three commissioners districts and two at large commissioner districts to create five port commissioner districts. Signed 03/14
6698 Relating to exempting reflexologists from regulation as massage practitioners. Signed 03/29
6700 Relating to limiting publication of personal information of law enforcement-related and court-related employees. Signed 04/03
6702 Relating to protecting sibling relationships. Signed 03/14
6703 Relating to agricultural liens. Signed 03/29
6709 Related to coordinated service and education planning for children in out-of-home care. Signed 04/02
6713 Relating to voluntary payroll deductions. Signed 03/27
6726 Relating to complaints against dairy farms. Signed 04/02
6740 Relating to irrigation districts’ acceptance of methods of payment. Signed 03/14
6748 Relating to procedures for vehicle registration transfers and impound. Signed 03/29
6763 Relating to a task force on funding for community-based services to victims of crime. Signed 04/03
6787 Relating to tax exemptions for organ procurement organizations. Signed 03/22
6788 Relating to benefits for dependent parents of homicide victims. Signed 03/14
6798 Relating to street vacations. Signed 03/14
6814 Relating to transportation fees. Signed 04/03
6818 Relating to state general obligation bonds. Signed 03/28
6819 Relating to temporary amendments to the state’s expenditure limitations to address the revenue shortfall in the 2001-2003 biennium. Signed 03/13
6823 Relating to the formula for determining certificated instructional staff salaries for state-funded basic education certificated instructional staff. Signed 04/03

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