What Our Customers Say

Customer Satisfaction

Parents, schools and community members who respond to OEO's customer satisfaction survey frequently comment on our services. The comments below represent those we received during the 2008–09 school year.

Comments from Parents, Family Members, Legal Guardians
Comments from School Officials
Comments from Community Professionals

Parents, family members, legal guardians

"The ombudsman was very helpful, understanding, informative, returned my calls very quickly. I was about to contact an attorney."

"The ombudsman was very polite, very informational and helpful. The ombudsman lifted the stress off my shoulders. I would have continued to call all the wrong people and those who were unable to assist me. I really appreciate the service your office provides for me it helped me help my child."

"The ombudsman was very knowledgeable about Special Education laws she also helped me to prepare for my meeting with the school district (Let's work together attitude!). The ombudsman office is a must have for all parents trying to make sure their children get the best education possible. Thank you for your help!"

"Without the ombudsman my son would not be back in school. [The ombudsman] was committed to helping me. I am very happy with the help I received. Thank you very much!"

"The ombudsman "got" it. Thank you! The ombudsman helped my family just before my child starts kindergarten. This has given us resources, behavior improvement ideas, and a great attitude for starting school!"

"Your services were very helpful and helped solve the problem. A couple of parents and I were getting together to hire an attorney, your services saved parents and the school district a lot of time and money that would have been spent on attorney fees."

"El ombudsman me ayudo rapido, se contacto con la escuela y me dio la solucion a mi problema. Yo estaba muy frustrada – muchas gracias por su oficina!"

"I liked the support I received as a parent and support for my son. My son would not be in school if it wasn't for OEO. Congratulations for the good work you do and the support you provide to our community."

"Every state should have OEO, nice to have someone empathetic and impartial. I would have gone in to talk with the principal myself but wouldn't have had all of the knowledge that the ombudsman has. Thank you and good work!"

"The ombudsman was very informative, friendly, and knowledgeable. I felt very confident in her abilities. I probably would have had to seek legal assistance if not for the ombudsman. Wonderful experience, have told many parents about your services!"

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School officials

"I would like to thank you for your assistance with resolving some issues of concern at an elementary school. It is great to have a neutral, third party to assist students"

– Superintendent

"I so appreciate your attention to the process all of us are going through. It is very healthy for you to be involved in this process."

– Superintendent

"We have chosen OEO to be the go-to place in our district when conflict with parents arises."


"The Ombudsman was very knowledgeable about Special Education. I felt I could talk with her and brainstorm to solve the problem."

– Principal

"The positive approach you took was the best way we have seen to address this parent's concern. Thank you."

– Principal

"Thank you for facilitating our meeting with this parent. It was the most effective meeting we have had in resolving the issues and helping the student."

– Principal

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Community Professionals

"Your work dramatically changed the outcomes for a couple kids I’ve been working with...the thoroughness of the work you all did, including educating the probation officer, was remarkable, and really helped this young woman."

– Foster care professional

"The ombudsman was very informative, helpful, optimistic, strengths-based, and provided a great service that helped me with my work with this family."

– Community professional

"I appreciated the friendly attention to my question and the good knowledge base of the ombudsman, She gave good ideas, information. She even started calling around, looked for other avenues. Great service!"

– Foster care professional

"The ombudsman provided good advice. He taught me things I didn't know about the public school system. Excellent service! Thank you."

– Community professional

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