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Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Provide Parents with Information on HPV and Vaccine

For Immediate Release: May 2, 2007

Governor also takes action on a bill to require accurate sexual health education

OLYMPIA - Governor Chris Gregoire today signed into law a measure that requires public schools, at the beginning of each school year and starting with sixth grade, to give parents and guardians information about the human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer, and its vaccine. The bill also requires private schools in Washington inform parents that HPV information is available from the Washington Department of Health.

“If we are able to get medically accurate information to parents, then we should. Parents and guardians can then use this information to make a well-informed decision about whether to have their child vaccinated against HPV,” said Governor Gregoire.

Governor Gregoire proposed, and the Legislature approved, funding to cover the cost of the HPV vaccine.

Substitute House Bill 1802, sponsored by Rep. Jeannie Darneille (D-Tacoma), passed the House with 76 votes and passed the Senate with 48 votes. The bill takes effect 90 days after adjournment of the Legislative session.

Governor Gregoire Signs Legislation to Require Sexual Health Education be Medically, Scientifically Accurate

Governor Chris Gregoire today signed into law a measure that requires public schools to teach medically and scientifically accurate sexual health education. The program must be age appropriate and appropriate for students regardless of gender, race, disability status or sexual orientation. It must also include information about abstinence and other methods of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, such as contraceptives.

“Better access to more accurate information will help teenagers and parents make responsible decisions about their health and their future,” said Governor Gregoire.

Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5297, sponsored by Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen (D-Camano Island), passed the Senate with 30 votes and passed the House with 63 votes. The bill takes effect 90 days after adjournment of the Legislative session.

Additional Bill Action Today

Governor Gregoire today also signed the following bills into law:

  • ESHB 1052 - Relating to modifying the legislative youth advisory council.
  • HB 1073 - Relating to emergency workers.
  • HB 1077 - Relating to the public disclosure of sensitive fish and wildlife data.
  • 2SHB 1096 - Relating to creating postsecondary opportunity programs.
  • SHB 1098 - Relating to the availability of vaccines during outbreaks.
  • SHB 1099 - Relating to dental professionals.
  • 2SHB 1106 - Relating to the reporting of infections acquired in health care facilities.
  • SHB 1124 - Relating to the inclusion of the department of natural resources' law enforcement officers in the Washington public safety employees' retirement system by adding the department of natural resources to the definition of "employer" under chapter 41.37 RCW.
  • HB 1166 - Relating to modifying county treasurer administrative provisions.
  • SHB 1233 - Relating to specified disease, hospital confinement or other fixed payment insurance.
  • SHB 1244 - Relating to industrial insurance, but only with respect to defining wages to include the cost of health insurance.
  • SHB 1255 - Relating to municipal officers' beneficial interest in contracts.
  • SHB 1256 - Relating to preventing serious in jury and strangulation from window blind cords or other significant safety hazards in childcare settings.
  • ESHB 1260 - Relating to contribution rates in the Washington state patrol retirement system.
  • SHB 1298 - Relating to dental hygiene.
  • EHB 1379 - Relating to the qualifications of an applicant for licensure as a hearing instrument fitter/dispenser.
  • SHB 1397 - Relating to the definition of massage therapy.
  • ESHB 1414 - Relating to licensing ambulatory surgical facilities.
  • HB 1450 - Relating to the exemption of housing for very low-income households from taxation.
  • HB 1505 - Relating to allowing physician assistants to determine disability for special parking privileges.
  • E2SHB 1569 - Relating to improving health insurance coverage by establishing a health insurance partnership for the purchase of small employer health insurance coverage, evaluating the inclusion of additional health insurance markets in the health insurance partnership, and studying the impact of health insurance mandates.
  • HB 1644 - Relating to health care eligibility for part-time academic employees of community and technical colleges.
  • HB 1645 - Relating to providing the administrator with authority to administer grants on behalf of the health care authority.
  • HB 1666 - Relating to extending the authority of nurse practitioners to examine, diagnose, and treat injured workers covered by industrial insurance.
  • SHB 1679 - Relating to membership on the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2 board.
  • HB1680 - Relating to transfers of service credit for emergency medical technicians under the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2.
  • HB 1722 - Relating to physician assistants executing certain certificates and other forms for labor and industries.
  • SHB 1837 - Relating to directing the department of health to develop guidelines for the safety of individuals who rely upon stretchers and personal mobility devices.
  • ESHB 1916 - Relating to interest arbitration regarding certain care providers.
  • HB 1966 - Relating to physician assistants signing and attesting to documents.
  • SHB 1988 - Relating to security guard training.
  • SHB 2087 - Relating to certification and recertification of health care facilities.
  • SB 5014 - Relating to the process for adopting contribution rates for the actuarial funding of the state retirement systems.
  • SSB 5053 - Relating to creating the office of the ombudsman for workers of industrial insurance self-insured employers.
  • ESSB 5290 - Relating to industrial insurance medical and chiropractic advisory committees for the department of labor and industries.
  • 2SSB 5467 - Creating the individual and family services program for people with developmental disabilities.
  • SB 5512 - Relating to financing for hospital benefit zones.
  • ESB 5675 - Relating to increasing minimum industrial insurance benefits.
  • ESSB 5836 - Relating to the determination of boundaries for taxing districts.
  • SSB 5881 - Relating to water power license fees.
  • ESSB 5915 - Relating to unemployment and industrial insurance notices required to be posted by employers.
  • SB 5926 - Relating to creating a joint legislative task force to review the underground economy in the construction industry.
  • E2SSB 5930 – Relating to providing high-quality, affordable health care to Washingtonians based on the recommendations of the blue ribbon commission on health care costs and access.
  • E2SSB 5958 - Relating to innovative primary health care delivery.
  • 2SSB 6016 - Relating to good cause reasons for failure to participate in WorkFirst program components.
  • SB 6119 - Relating to changing the distribution to and allocation of the fire service training account.