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Governor Gregoire Discusses Health Care Accomplishments of the 2007 Legislative Session

For Immediate Release: April 24, 2007

SPOKANE - Governor Chris Gregoire today discussed the health care accomplishments of the 2007 legislative session with health care providers, staff and parents at St. Anne’s Children and Family Center in Spokane.

“We cannot just keep throwing more money into a broken health care system – we actually need to fix that system. That is why we passed comprehensive children’s health reform and are working toward a more efficient health care system that pays for what works, better manages chronic care and focuses on prevention.”

Governor Gregoire visited a preschool class that had been learning what a governor does. She then met with health care providers, staff and parents of children at St. Anne’s to discuss new programs that will improve health care delivery and access.

St. Anne’s Children and Family Center has served Spokane area families since 1943. They offer individually focused, curriculum-based educational programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. St. Anne’s is in the process of acquiring early childhood accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

With Governor Gregoire’s leadership, the Legislature this session passed measures that will:

  • Provide health insurance access to 38,500 additional children;
  • Increase childhood immunizations;
  • Expand mental health coverage;
  • Make prescription drugs more affordable;
  • Take steps toward higher quality, more affordable care;
  • Cover prescription co-pays for seniors on Medicare;
  • Manage chronic illness better;
  • Keep foster kids healthy;
  • Give pediatricians a fair reimbursement;
  • Prevent and treat disease;
  • Protect the public health;
  • Provide better health care information for families;
  • Help people navigate the health care system;
  • Expand technology compatibility among providers; and
  • Connect state health care facilities with electronic medical records.