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Gov. Gregoire delivers final State of the State address

For Immediate Release: January 15, 2013

OLYMPIA – Before a joint session of the 63rd Legislature, Gov. Chris Gregoire today delivered her final State of the State address, urging lawmakers to continue to make funding education and our state’s transportation infrastructure their main priority.

“This Legislature must give our children what we were given – good schools, good teachers and the chance to be part of the world economy,” Gregoire said. “We cannot falter. Education is the heart of everything we do and it is our future.”

“If education is the heart of our economic future,” Gregoire continued, “transportation is the backbone. Our state will remain strong only if our roads, highways, bridges and ferries are effectively getting our people to work and our goods to market.”

During her speech, Gregoire reflected on eight years of success – looking back at action and legislation to improve the lives of all Washingtonians amidst the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Gregoire highlighted work to expand access to health care, invest in early learning programs and increase enrollment at our universities, and provide businesses with tax relief to help create new jobs and employment opportunities for Washingtonians. Additionally, Gregoire celebrated a landmark transportation package, and the support to ensure all couples have the right to marry in Washington state.

“I think everybody in this chamber will agree,” Gregoire said to the Legislature. “History will reflect that this was not just any eight years. You were not just any Legislature. And these were not just any times. You and I witnessed a historic economic crisis and with it, wrenching change in our economy and our social fabric. But we didn’t just witness it. We were called to confront it every day. And we did. Together, we served in good times and bad. And whatever the challenge, we took it on for the people of Washington state.”

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