WHEREAS, donations of organs, bone marrow, blood and other body components are essential for many life-giving procedures undertaken daily in Washington State; and

WHEREAS, without these donations, many lives would be lost, medical advances would be delayed, and humankind would be poorer; and

WHEREAS, such altruistic donations are entirely voluntary, made solely by individual choice, without compensation, to benefit others, and should be encouraged; and

WHEREAS, greater availability of donated tissues may reduce the cost of public medical services, reduce the severity and length of many forms of injury and illness, thereby promoting public health and safety; and

WHEREAS, any requirement that state employees use personal leave time, or unpaid leave to make donations has a chilling effect on the willingness and ability for state employees to engage in these sometimes difficult and risky procedures;

NOW THEREFORE, I hereby order the following:

  1. All executive agencies shall allow employees to take paid leave, not to exceed five days in a two-year period, as needed for the sole purpose of participating in life-giving procedures as defined below. Such leave shall not be charged against sick leave or annual leave, and use of leave without pay shall not be required.
  2. Agencies may take into account program implementation and staffing replacement requirements in the scheduling of such leave time. Employees may be required to provide reasonable advance notice of a desire to take paid leave time under this executive order.
  3. When planning for and granting paid leave, agencies shall take into account provisions of collective bargaining agreements that cover leave usage. Any additional leave time needed for life-giving procedures shall be subject to each agency's leave policies and collective bargaining agreements.
  4. Employees must provide written proof from an accredited medical institution, physician or other medical professional that the employee participated in a life-giving procedure.
  5. For purposes of this executive order, "life-giving procedure" shall mean a medically-supervised procedure involving the testing, sampling, or donation of blood, platelets, organs, fluids, tissues, and other human body components for the purposes of donation, without compensation, to a person or organization for medically necessary treatments.
  6. This executive order does not create any entitlement or other right that may be converted to cash, other compensation, or any other benefit. It is intended only to encourage altruistic life-giving procedures, and to allow paid leave to participate in such procedures.
  7. Agencies may continue or implement any informal, flextime, ad hoc, or other leave arrangements that are consistent with this executive order.
  8. This order is effective immediately.
  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the State of Washington to be Affixed at Olympia this 7th day of May A.D., Two thousand two.


Governor of Washington

Secretary of State