The state of Washington desires to reaffirm its commitment and responsibility to our state's first citizens, the American Indians. The state of Washington understands that there are 26 federally recognized Indian tribal governments located within the boundaries of the state. These tribal governments have certain rights and governmental authority guaranteed by treaty with the United States or executive order of the President. There is a continuing need to develop and formalize a state-tribal relationship that is based on a government to government interaction. The President of the United States has recently issued an Indian policy statement that emphasizes a commitment to encourage and strengthen tribal governments, to which the state of Washington is likewise committed. The Governor's Office of Indian Affairs has by previous Executive Order (EO 80-02) been established to administer the state's relationship to Indian country.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, John Spellman, Governor of the state of Washington, by virtue of the power vested in me, hereby direct as follows:

A. There shall continue to be in the Governor's Office an office of Indian Affairs, staffed and directed by a person on my staff: Assistant for Indian Affairs.

B. The Assistant for Indian Affairs shall be a member of the Governor's policy staff and will advise on Indian related matters.

C. The Office of Indian Affairs shall have the following responsibilities:

All of the provisions of Executive Order 80-02 (signed January 9, 1980) are hereby rescinded and revoked and be it further directed that EO 82-12 be amended to include item number C 8 of this Executive Order.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of the State
of Washington to be affixed at Olympia
this 11th day of October A.D., Nineteen hundred and eighty-three.




Governor of Washington

Secretary of State