WHEREAS, Section 1524 of the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1974 as amended (Public Law 93-641) (herein called "The Act") provides for the establishment of a Statewide: Health Coordinating Council (herein called "the Council") to perform certain health planning and resources development functions as defined in said Section; and

WHEREAS, the Council is to be advisory to the State Health Planning and Development Agency (herein called "the State Agency") set forth under Section 1521 of the Act which has been designated by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare (herein called "the Secretary") as the State Agency; and

WHEREAS, it is the intent of the State of Washington to achieve equal access to health care and adequate health facilities at reasonable cost for all citizens of the State, and thus to comply with health planning and resources development requirements of the Act toward that objective,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Dixy Lee Ray, Governor of the State of Washington, by virtue of the provisions of Section 1524 of the Act and my authority as Chief Executive Officer of the State do hereby order and direct that:

1. There shall be created a State Health Coordinating Council.

2. a. The Council shall have twenty-seven members appointed by the Governor, each of whom shall have his or her principal place of residence in the State of Washington. The Council shall be composed as follows:

(1) Sixteen members representing the four Health Systems Agencies in Washington (herein called "HSA") designated by the Secretary pursuant to Section 1512 of the Act. Each ESA shall have four members on the Council and shall submit a list of at least five names for each vacancy from its area. Not less than one-half of the HSA members on the Council shall b e individuals who are consumers of health care who are not also providers of health care as defined in Section 1531 of the Act.

(2) Ten members representing the public at-large, who may include:

(i) State officials

(ii) Public elected officials and other representatives of government authorities within the State.

A majority of the at large members shall be consumers of health care who are not also providers of health care as defined in Section 1531 of the Act.

(3) An individual whom the Chief Medical Director of the U.S. Veterans Commission shall have designated as a representative of the Veterans Administration Hospitals or other health care facilities who shall be an ex officio member of the Council.

(4) Not less than one-third of the providers of health care who are members of the Council shall be direct providers of health care as defined in Section 1531 of the Act.

(5) Due consideration in Council appointments will be given to the representation of ethnic populations, to rural as well as urban areas, and to socio/economic conditions.

b. Initially, terms of appointment (including that of the designee from the Veterans Administration) shall be made in the following manner to ensure that terms of not more than one-third of the members shall expire each year: nine appointments for one year, nine appointments for two years, and nine appointments for three years. Thereafter, appointments shall be made for three-year terms. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

3. The Council shall select from among its members a chairman.

4. The Council shall adopt by-laws consistent with this Order which shall, at a minimum, provide for those matters required by the Secretary in regulations implementing Section 1524 of the Act.

5. The Council shall conduct all its business meetings in public in accordance with Chapter 42.30 RCW, the Open Public Meetings Act, and shall meet at least once in each calendar quarter of the year.

6. Council members and members of Council committees shall be entitled to reimbursement by the State Agency for travel and subsistence expenses incurred while going to and from their place of residence to attend meetings and in performance of other Council duties as provided in RCW 43.03.050(2), 43.03.060 as now existing or hereafter amended.

7. The function of the Council shall be to:

(herein called "HSP") which shall be a detailed statement of goals:

(i) describing a healthful environment and health system in the area which, when developed, will assure that quality health services will be available and accessible in a manner which assures continuity of care, at reasonable cost, for all residents of the area;

(ii) which responds to the unique needs and resources of the area; and

(iii) which takes into account and is consistent with the national guidelines for health planning policy issued by the Secretary under Section 1501 of the Act respecting supply, distribution, and organization of health resources and services.

b. Review annually and coordinate the Annual Implementation Plan of each HSA which describes objectives which will achieve the goals of the HSP and priorities among the objectives.

c. Prepare, review and revise as necessary but at least annually a State Health Plan as prescribed by Section 1523 of the Act.

d. Review annually the budget of each HSA in the State and report to the Secretary its comments on such budgets.

e. Review applications submitted by HSAs for grants under Section 1516 and 1640 of the Act, and report to the Secretary its comments on such applications.

f. Review annually and approve or disapprove any State Plan and any application, including revisions of such plans, submitted to the Secretary as a condition to the receipt of any funds under allotments made to states under the following federal acts as amended: The Public Health Services Act, the Community Mental Health Centers Act, and the Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970.

g. As prescribed by Section 1603 of the Act, advise and consult the State Agency on, and approve the State Medical Facilities Plan for consistency with the State Health Plan developed in accordance with Section 1524 of the Act.

h. Advise the State Agency generally on the performance of its functions.

8. The State Agency shall assist the Council in its review of the State Health Plan and State Medical Facilities Plan and in the performance of its functions generally.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the State of
Washington to be affixed at Olympia this
5th day of October A.D., Nineteen hundred and seventy-seven.

Dixy Lee Ray
Governor of Washington


Secretary of State