The year 1976 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. Plans are already underway in Washington State for many activities to observe this important occasion in the history of our land.

The Washington State American Revolution Bicentennial Commission and over 100 local communities have organized Bicentennial programs of wide scope, and it is appropriate that state government itself prepare an array of projects that will manifest the heritage and character of our state and leave a lasting impression on future generations.

Now, therefore, I, Daniel J. Evans, Governor of the State of Washington, do hereby designate Secretary of State Bruce Chapman as Bicentennial Chairman for Washington State Government.

Secretary Chapman, who, by statute, is a member of the Washington State American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, will work with the director and staff of the Commission and with local commissions and with individuals and groups across the wide ranges of age, occupation and background in our state and shall specifically:

1. Use the resources of his office to coordinate the Bicentennial efforts of the Executive Branch and to prepare whatever legislative programs are desired for submission to the Legislature;

2. Plan and implement projects dealing with governmental reform, history, historic preservation, conservation, the arts and other cultural institutions, state government ceremonies and other activities of State Government during the Bicentennial year.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the State of
Washington to be affixed at Olympia this
17th day of February A.D., Nineteen hundred and seventy-six.

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington


Secretary of State