Adoption Of State Policy For Areawide Planning Districts, And Designation Of Such Districts And District Clearinghouses

WHEREAS, there is a need for a consistent policy regarding the utilization of areawide planning districts to serve as the basis for interlocal cooperation and coordination in planning and community development activities of local, state, and federal governmental agencies; and

This administration acknowledges a partnership, based upon the sharing of appropriate responsibilities, exists between the state and local governments in order to secure the adequate planning and delivery of public services to the citizens of the state; and

In accordance with this partnership, a policy regarding the utilization of areawide planning districts has been developed in cooperation with local governments, which policy is designed to serve the particular needs of those governmental entities in Washington State;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Daniel J. Evans, Governor of the State of Washington, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor, do hereby establish the following areawide planning district policy for use by the state and local governments for state/local governmental and interlocal governmental coordination, particularly in connection with the sharing of information; and for areawide planning purposes. The policy expressed herein and the districts designated in accordance with such policy are also designed to meet the objectives of Section 204 of the Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966., Section 201 and Title IV of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968, and other federal laws and regulations relating to interlocal planning and interlocal coordination.

PURPOSE: The areawide planning district policy established herein and its proper implementation is designed to secure a system o areawide planning districts which will:

1. Aid in building strong planning capabilities at the local level of government;

2. Facilitate effective cooperation among local, state and federal governmental agencies;

3. Recognize the geographic area of the county as the basic building block for areawide planning; and

4. Encourage multi-county areawide planning, where appropriate.

AREAWIDE PLANNING DISTRICT POLICY: For the purpose of defining areawide planning districts, the following principles shall be utilized:

1. The minimum acceptable boundaries for an areawide planning district shall be the geographic boundaries of a county. This principle, by itself, does not identify county government as the entity that must be responsible for areawide planning. The county together with the cities and towns within the county (or two or more counties and the cities and towns therein) shall jointly define the areawide planning district and the appropriate district clearinghouse through which they will cooperate and coordinate their activities.

2. A development or continuation of multi-county, including interstate, areawide planning organizations is encouraged, provided they are created and supported by a consensus of the local governments concerned.

3. In the allocation of state resources to areawide planning activities, planning performance is to be emphasized; local governments are encouraged to select and support the form of multi-jurisdictional planning district best suited to their needs.

The policy established by this Executive Order is to replace the state policy designating "Official State Districts" under the Executive Order dated August 6, 1969, as that policy applies to local government use. Studies are now being conducted regarding the needs of and constraints on state agencies coordinating state programs and delivering state services. Upon completion of these studies, a policy for state agency use of regionalized planning districts may be adopted by a separate Executive Order.

DESIGNATION OF AREAWIDE PLANNING DISTRICTS AND DISTRICT CLEARINGHOUSES: Attached hereto is a list and description of areawide planning districts EO 75-05 which have been designated pursuant to this Executive Order. Also attached hereto is a list and description of district clearinghouses designated by this Executive Order in order to facilitate the dissemination of information at all levels of government and to provide for the review procedures required under the Federal Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968 as implemented by OMB Circular A-95. The designated district clearinghouses are hereby authorized to also perform a clearinghouse review function regarding Washington Futures and other state programs.

The Planning and Community Affairs Agency is hereby designated as the State agency to coordinate district clearinghouse activities and to assist the district clearinghouses in performing their functions; at the discretion of its Director, this function may be carried out through the Office of Community Development.

FEDERAL CONCURRENCE FOR FEDERAL PROGRAM USE: As provided in the Federal Office of Management and Budget Circular A-95, the designation and redesignation of any areawide planning district and District Clearinghouse agency which serves a metropolitan area shall be subject to recognition by the Office of Management and Budget.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the State of
Washington to be affixed at Olympia this
23rd day of April A.D., Nineteen hundred and seventy-five.

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington


Secretary of State

as of April 23, 1975)

Areawide District           Description

Clallam          Clallam County
Jefferson          Jefferson County
Grays Harbor          Grays Harbor County
Pacific          Pacific County
Whatcom          Whatcom County
Skagit          Skagit County
Island          Island County
San Juan          San Juan County
Central Puget Sound          Snohomish County, King County, Kitsap County, Pierce County
Mason          Mason County Thurston          Thurston County
Lewis          Lewis County
Cowlitz-Wahkiakum          Cowlitz County, Wahkiakum County
Clark          Clark County
Skamania          Skamania County
Klickitat          Klickitat County
Okanogan          Okanogan County
Chelan          Chelan County
Douglas           Douglas County
Kittitas           Kittitas County
Yakima            Yakima County
Grant           Grant County
Lincoln            Lincoln County
Adams           Adams County
Benton-Franklin          Benton County, Franklin County
Ferry          Ferry County
Stevens            Stevens County
Pend Oreille            Pend Oreille County
Spokane           Spokane County
Whitman            Whitman County
Walla Walla           Walla Walla County
Columbia           Columbia County
Asotin           Asotin County
Garfield          Garfield County

(as of April 23, 1975)

Areawide District          District Clearinghouse Agency

Clallam          Clallam County Governmental Conference
Jefferson          Jefferson-Port Townsend Regional Council
Grays Harbor          Grays Harbor Regional Planning Commission
Pacific          Pacific County Regional Planning Council
Whatcom          Whatcom County Council of Governments
Skagit          Skagit Regional Planning Council
Island          Island County Planning Department
San Juan          San Juan County Planning Department
Central Puget Sound          Puget Sound Governmental Conference
Mason           Mason Regional Planning Council
Thurston          Thurston Regional Planning Council
Lewis          Lewis Regional Planning Commission
Cowlitz-Wahkiakum          Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Governmental Conference
Clark          Regional Planning Council of Clark County
Skamania          Skamania Regional Planning Council
Klickitat          Klickitat County Regional Planning Council
Okanogan          Okanogan County Regional Planning Commission
Chelan          Chelan County Regional Planning Council
Douglas          Douglas County Regional Planning Commission
Kittitas          Kittitas County Conference of Governments
Yakima          Yakima County Conference of Governments
Grant          Grant-Lincoln-Adams Conference of Governments
Lincoln           Grant-Lincoln-Adams Conference of Governments
Adams          Grant-Lincoln-Adams Conference of Governments
Benton-Franklin          Benton-Franklin Governmental Conference
Ferry          TRICO Economic Development District
Stevens          TRICO Economic Development District
Pend Oreille          TRICO Economic Development District
Spokane          Spokane Regional Planning Conference
Whitman          Whitman County Regional Planning Council
Walla Walla          Walla Walla Regional Planning Commission
Columbia          Walla Walla Regional Planning Commission
Asotin          Asotin County Planning Commission
Garfield          Asotin County Planning Commission