J. B. Brown was convicted in May, 1971 by the Richmond County Superior Court, State of Georgia, for the crime of Burglary and was sentenced to a term of nine years in the correctional system of Georgia. By virtue of said sentence J. B. Brown was received in the Georgia correctional system on July 26, 1971 and while confined in said system escaped from the Screven County Correctional Institution, Sylvania, Georgia, a branch of the Georgia correctional system, on October 9, 1971 and fled said state. He now resides in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington.

The Governor of the State of Georgia has since sought to extradite J. B. Brown from the State of Washington by requisition dated November 1, 1973 and to have him returned to the State of Georgia to serve the remainder of his sentence. J. B. Brown has resisted such extradition and his petition for permission to remain in this state to continue to lead a life of rehabilitation has received wide support, such support including a great number of persons from all walks of life in the Bellingham area.

After a detailed consideration of the entire background in this case, it is apparent that the best interests of J. B. Brown, his family and the States of Georgia and Washington will be best served by allowing J. B. Brown to remain in this state under special parole supervision in lieu of his extradition to the State of Georgia.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Daniel J. Evans, Governor of the State of Washington, do order and direct the following:

1. The Board of Prison Terms and Paroles and the Office of Probation and Parole, Department of Social and Health Services, shall assume special parole supervision over J. B. Brown for a period of five years commencing on the date of this Executive Order. During that period of time, J. B. Brown shall report to a designated parole officer not less than one time per month and at such other times as designated by the parole officer.

2. The Board of Prison Terms and Paroles shall impose such terms and conditions as it deems appropriate pursuant to such special parole supervision, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

a. Full-time, lawful employment, and if not so employed, he must actively seek such employment.

b. Actual residence in Bellingham, Washington or in the proximate vicinity thereof for a period of not less than two years from the date of this order. This restriction shall be subject to review at the end of one year.

c. Prohibition against the ownership or possession of firearms or any other deadly weapons.

3. The extradition request by the State of Georgia shall be held in abeyance during the five-year period. In the event it is shown to the satisfaction of this Governor or any succeeding Governor at any time during the five-year period that J. B. Brown has violated any of the terms and conditions of this special parole, the extradition request of the State of Georgia may thereupon be granted and a Governor's Warrant of Arrest issued without prior notice or hearing.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the State of
Washington to be affixed at Olympia this
28th day of August A.D., Nineteen hundred and seventy-four.

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington


Secretary of State