There exists the need within state government to facilitate unified direction and commitment in state human affairs policy.

An associated need exists to create (1) a plan for action to bridge the gap between long range goals and day-to-day problem solving; and (2) a clear and accurate system of measuring progress toward goal achievement.

For these reasons, a means must be found to fashion integrating social goals, and to involve all areas of government in coordinated human affairs planning.

By building images of a preferred future in terms of social policies, and not specific programs, unified direction and purpose may be given to state programs. Concomitantly, in an attempt to determine the quality of these social policies, accurate change or progress indices must be created.

Further, faster and more democratic methods of social feedback need to be implemented to cope with a burgeoning flow of information and to provide for a greater degree of citizen-representative contact. Technical information needs to be translated into valid terms of public debate, and criteria need to be developed for adjudicating social policies aside from specialized and often esoteric considerations.

TO THESE ENDS, THEREFORE, I, Daniel J. Evans, Governor of the State of Washington, do hereby constitute the Human Affairs Council as a separate program within the Office of the Governor. This Council shall be comprised of the following:

(1) The Human Affairs Executive Council, consisting of the following directors of state agencies and both elected and appointed officials:

The Honorable Daniel J. Evans
Governor and Chairman

Mr. George Andrews, Director
Department of Highways

Mr. John A. Biggs, Director
Department of Ecology

Mr. Byron E. Brady, Director
Office Of Economic Opportunity

The Honorable Louis Bruno
Superintendent of Public Instruction The Honorable Bert Cole
Commissioner of Public Lands

Mr. Alfred Cowles, Executive Secretary
Washington State Human Rights Commission

Mrs. Maxine Daly, Commissioner
Department of Employment Security Mr. James M. Dolliver
Administrative Assistant to the Governor

Mr. James Furman, Executive Coordinator
Council on Higher Education

The Honorable Slade Gorton
Attorney General

Mr. Richard W. Hemstad
Legal Assistant to the Governor

Mr. Walter C. Howe, Jr., Director
Office of Program Planning and Fiscal Management

Mr. William Jacobs, Director
Department of Labor and Industries

The Honorable A. Ludlow Kramer
Secretary of State

George Kinnear, Director
Department of Revenue

Mr. Donald Moos, Director
Department of Agriculture

Mr. John C. Mundt, Director
State Board for Community College Education

Dr. Richard H. Slavin, Director
Planning and Community Affairs Agency Mr. Sidney E. Smith, Secretary
Department of Social and Health Services

Mr. Daniel B. Ward, Director
Department of Commerce and Economic Development

This cabinet group will concern itself with integrated social planning on a statewide basis, and will advise the Governor and the legislature with regard to policy recommendations;

(2) The Human Affairs Citizen Advisory Council, representing both specific geographical localities and social units (business and industry, labor, churches intellectual communities, the arts, ethnic groups, youth, etc.), which will be divided into four regional citizens' councils. Those councils will act not only as sources of citizen response to policy proposals from the Executive, but also) as stimulators of social policy planning, facilitating citizen-government contact and allowing individuals a greater measure of self-determination; and

(3) The Human Affairs Council Staff, under a director appointed by the Governor, which will provide both the Executive and the Citizen Advisory Council with information from public and private agencies in order that costs and benefits of proposed policies may be defined. This staff will also attempt to monitor key social indicators, and report social progress and/or failures in terms of the specific policy goals.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the State of
Washington to be affixed at Olympia this
1st day of July A.D., Nineteen hundred and seven-one.

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington


Secretary of State