Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System

The prosperity and general welfare of the state is dependent upon the capacity of its citizens to train for and secure employment consistent with their abilities and interest; and

It is recognized that such employment should provide for the citizen's basic, financial and human needs to make possible his sharing in the rewards of modern America; and

The needs and problems of a number of citizens are of sufficient gravity that personal or private resources and capacities cannot deal effectively with them, thereby providing justification for the utilization of public funds; and

Federal and state manpower appropriations being necessarily limited, it is of the utmost importance to develop just, economical, effective and coordinated operation of manpower services such as vocational training, work experience, job development and placement, together with other programs and supportive services; and

The effective utilization of funds requires the establishment of a system whereby goals are properly defined and met in the operation of a comprehensive and integrated system of manpower services; and

Such a system should include the coordination of all federal, state, local public and private efforts in meeting the needs for manpower services and should design, implement and evaluate new and imaginative approaches in providing manpower services to the people of the State of Washington within a structure of priorities based on need; and

The Federal Government through the Federal Interagency Cooperative Issuances creating the Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System has urged and encouraged governors to assume whatever leadership they deem appropriate in furthering comprehensive manpower planning; and

The existing state Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System lacks legislative sanction, both federal and state, for the designation of agency representation on the state committee; and

Department heads of state agencies involved in manpower services have considerable discretion to coordinate and cooperate with one another in delivering needed services to the people of the State of Washington.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Daniel J. Evans, Governor of the State of Washington, by virtue of the power vested in me as the Chief Executive, and in accordance with the charge to the governors of these United States contained in the Interagency Cooperative Issuances creating and expanding the Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System, do hereby proclaim the following Executive Order:

1. There is hereby created the Governor's Manpower Coordinating Committee, hereinafter referred to as "the committee," which shall succeed to all of the powers of the existing state committee of the same name which is hereby abolished.

2. The voting members on the committee shall be appointed by the Governor upon consultation with the respective agencies and shall include representatives of the following:

The Department of Employment Security
The Division of Vocational Education
The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
The State Board for Community College Education
The Department of Labor and Industries
The Washington State Office of Economic Opportunity
The Department of Public Instruction
The Office of Program Planning and Fiscal Management
The Department of Public Assistance
The Office of the Governor

Additional members may be added by the Governor as may be appropriate.

3. The Governor shall appoint a chairman of the committee who shall serve at his pleasure.

4. The Governor shall appoint an Executive Director for the committee who shall be administratively responsible to the Governor and shall serve at his pleasure. The Executive Director shall have authority to hire, contract for, and direct the activities of a secretariat to provide support and assistance to the committee in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. All employees hired by the Executive Director shall be covered by the Washington State Civil Service System.

5. To assure continuity and quality in planning and evaluation, no committee member shall have more than one alternate to the committee and this alternate member may be changed only by written notice to the chairman not less than five calendar days in advance of a regularly scheduled meeting.

6. The state Manpower Advisory Committee as now constituted (representing management, labor and the public), will continue to provide counsel and advice to the Governor's Manpower Coordinating Committee. To ensure close cooperation, the Executive Director of the Governor's Manpower Coordinating Committee will serve as Executive Secretary to the state Manpower Advisory Committee.

7. The committee shall be responsible for the coordination of manpower planning and programming for the State of Washington. Included in its responsibilities the committee shall:

(a) develop an annual comprehensive manpower plan for the State of Washington,

(b) evaluate state manpower programs and provide policy advice for appropriate action,

(c) cause to be created local and regional coordinating committees whose membership shall include appropriate public officials and private individuals involved in manpower planning, manpower services and the interests and welfare of low-income groups,

(d) issue timely and informative reports to the Governor outlining Washington State manpower problems and needs for manpower services,

(e) provide a working interagency set of priorities for the delivery ot services to those groups with manpower problems,

(f) review any manpower plan developed by a local or regional coordinating committee to ensure its total compatibility with the comprehensive manpower plan for the State of Washington, and

(g) issue reports to the Governor evaluating the effectiveness, problems, progress and cost of each member agency's manpower programs.

8. The committee may establish such subcommittees, request such additional staff assistance from any agency of State government and contract with such consultants as may be appropriate and necessary to carry out its responsibilities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the State of
Washington to be affixed at Olympia this
31st day of March A.D., Nineteen hundred and seventy.

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington


Secretary of State