By an Executive Order dated May 27, 1968, a departmental Task Force on Migrant Affairs was created in order to better coordinate the state's resources to meet the needs of migrant and agricultural workers during the 1968 crop season.

In order to continue the effective coordination of the resources of state agencies concerned with the problems of migrant and agricultural workers, I hereby direct that the departmental Task Force on Migrant Affairs be continued indefinitely.

The Task Force shall continue its efforts to coordinate at the operational level state programs for migrants and agricultural workers and to direct its attention to improving communications among state agencies, other levels of government and private agencies concerned with migrant and agricultural labor problems.

The Task Force shall be composed of departmental representatives having administrative or program responsibilities which directly pertain to the problems and needs of migrant and agricultural workers. One representative shall be designated by the director of each of the Departments of Public Assistance, Health, Employment Security, Labor and Industries and Agriculture and the State Office of Economic Opportunity. These persons should preferably have positions of statewide or district-wide responsibility. The chairman of the Task Force shall be selected by the directors of the named agencies.

Additional members representing other state agencies may be added to the Task Force with the approval of the directors of the above?named departments. In addition, the chairman may appoint as ex officio members of the Task Force representatives of other public and private agencies and organizations as may be appropriate to the effective implementation of the objectives of the Task Force.

Dated this 14th day of January, 1969.

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington