June 16, 1943

TO: All Departments, Boards and Commissions

FROM: Governor Arthur B. Langlie

SUBJECT: Salaries and Wages

Effective immediately, requests for salary authorizations will no longer be routed through this office. They should be sent directly to the Division of Budget, Accounts and Control, on a substitute form (No. 7100).

The salaries of all new employees and those reclassified by reason of advancement, assignment of new duties or changes for other reasons should be in accordance with the classified plan recommended by the committee on standards. The division of budget has been instructed and authorized to make such studies as are necessary to help you in adhering to the approved salary schedule and plan of classification. The salaries of additional employees and those reclassified will not become effective until approved by the division of budget. Current separations should be reported on the same form.

The substitute forms are being printed and will be supplied to you by the budget division.