In order that state government can better mobilize its resources to meet the needs of agricultural workers during the 1968 crop season, there is hereby created a Departmental Task Force on Migrant Affairs.

This Task Force shall be composed of departmental representatives having program responsiblilities in Central Washington which directly pertain to the problems and needs of migrant workers.

The Task Force will function as an interdepartmental committee with overall responsiblities for coordinating state programs and will direct its attention to improving communications among state agencies, with other levels of government and with private agencies concerned with agricultural programs. The members of the Task Force shall include:

Jerry Thomas, District Administrator, Central District,
Department of Public Assistance.

Terry Strong, Coordination, Migrant Health Project,
Department of Health.

Al Rines, Field Supervisor, East Central District,
Department of Employment Security.

Vern Divers, Supervisor, Division of Agricultural Development,
Department of Agriculture.

Marty Martinez, Migrant Coordinator,
State Office of Economic Opportunity.

Jerry Thomas shall be the Chairman of the Task Force. Additional members may, as required, be added to the Task Force from time to time.

Dated this 27th day of May, 1968

Daniel J. Evans
Governor of Washington