In order to implement the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as embodied in Public Law 88-452, in the State of Washington, I order the establishment of the Washington State Office of Economic Opportunity. This office shall be the agency designated by me to administer the technical assistance program and to apply for technical assistance funds as provided in Section 209 (b) of Title II-A, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.

I further order the continuance of the Washington State Interagency Task Force, which consists of representatives of the following agencies:

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Department of Labor and Industries
Parks and Recreation Commission
Department of Natural Resources
Department of Employment Security
Department of Public Assistance
Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
Department of Agriculture
Department of Health
Department of Institutions
Department of Game
Central Budget Agency

and further designate the director of the Office of Economic Opportunity as chairman of the Task Force.

In an effort to bring all resources to the assistance of local communities seeking to implement the Economic Opportunity Act, I also order the establishment of a Citizen's Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity which will be broadly representative of the citizens of this state and will include representation of the economically disadvantaged.

I charge the interagency Task Force and the Citizen's Advisory Council with the task of devising procedures to facilitate executive review of certain projects such as Community Action Programs, Job Corps centers, Neighborhood Youth Corps projects, basic education programs and special activities to combat poverty in both rural and urban areas, as provided for in the Act, to recommend activities which the State should assume in effectively carrying out the purposes of the Act and to conduct informational exchange programs among interested agencies and citizen's groups.

With approval of an Executive Request for federal funding of a State Office of Economic Opportunity, the executive intent is to establish an organizational structure for the purpose of the development and acceleration of those parts of the program involving the communities of the State.

Daniel J. Evans, Governor

May 5, 1965