Olympia, Washington,
May 2, 1921


1. Printing requisitions must be mailed to or left at the Governor's Office,

2. Printing requisitions will be called for by the Public Printer at 11 A.M., and 3 P.M.

3. Copy must be attached to the requisition except where the same bears a Department of Efficiency form number, and except when calling for binding, etc.

4. No additions, omissions or alterations of any character will be made on copy after the requisition has been approved by the Governor, without resubmitting the same to the Governor,

5. The Director of the Department of Efficiency will furnish the Governor a file of all approved forms and keep the same up to date as additions and alterations may be made.

6. In printing of copy which comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Efficiency the approval of that Department will be secured, if practicable, before submitting the requisitions to the Governor.

Louis F. Hart