It has become increasingly apparent that if state government is to meet its responsibilities in providing social services to the citizens of the state and if the human resource potential of all levels of our communities, particularly the minorities and the disadvantaged, are to be given the opportunity to fully develop, continuing efforts must be made to improve the quality of the social services being provided by the state. As one means of achieving a major improvement in quality of services provided, the Washington State Multi-Service Center has been created. The Washington State Multi-Service Center is intended to encourage greater coordination of services between state agencies and among state, federal and local agencies, and to improve the quality of services being provided by such agencies to the public and particularly to those residents of the area served by the Multi-Service Center seeking by their own efforts to achieve economic and social self-sufficiency.

This Executive Order is intended to formalize the structure of the Multi-Service Center in Seattle.

1. The Multi-Service Center program is hereby established as a department within the Office of the Governor. The Director of the Multi-Service Center in Seattle shall be a member of the Governor's staff.

2. The Multi-Service Center Director shall, on behalf of the Governor, supervise all Washington State personnel working in the Multi-Service Center and shall coordinate state activities in the Center with the activities of any city, county, federal or private agencies which may operate from the Center upon such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon. The Director is not empowered to assume such specialized program responsibilities and authority vested by law in the various participating departments or agencies of state government.

3. There is hereby created a Multi-Service Center Advisory Committee, the Chairman of which shall be the Governor or his designee. Members shall include the Multi-Service Director and the Directors of all state departments having program responsibilities in the Multi-Service center. The Governor may appoint additional members to the Advisory Committee as may be appropriate. The Advisory Committee shall provide advice and assistance to the Director in seeking to accomplish the purposes of the Center.

Dated this 30th day of January, 1968.

Daniel J. Evans

Secretary of State