Boards and Commissions

Technology Services Board

To review and approve standards and procedures developed by the OCIO governing the acquisition and disposition of equipment, proprietary software and purchased services, licensing of radio spectrum by or on behalf of state agencies, and confidentiality of computerized data; review and approve statewide or interagency technical policies, standards, and procedures developed by the OCIO; review and approve standards and common specifications for new or expanded telecommunications networks proposed by agencies, public postsecondary educational institutions, educational service districts, or providers of K-12 information technology services; develop a policy to determine whether a proposed product or service should undergo an independent analysis prior to being submitted for inclusion in any proposed operating, capital, or transportation budget; review, approve and provide oversight of major IT projects to ensure that no major IT project is approved or authorized funding without consideration of the technical and financial business case for the project; provide a forum to solicit external input on IT developments, enterprise architecture, standards, and policy development; and provide a forum where IT plans, policies, and standards can be reviewed.

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The TSB will consist of eight members appointed by the Governor and four legislators. Three of the Governor's appointees must be representatives of state agencies or institutions, and three representatives must be from the private sector. The director is appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the senate, and serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

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