Boards and Commissions

Electrical Board

RCW 19.28.311

Establishes general and specialty electrical contractors' licenses; prepares/administers written examinations; and advises the Dept. of Labor & Industries director on the need for additional electrical inspectors and changes in electrical codes.

Number of appointments by Governor:


Term in Years:



Expenses Plus $50 Per Day


One employee or officer of a corporation or public agency generating or distributing electrical power; two licensed electrical contractors; one licensed electrical contractor and representative of electrical industry trade association; one employee, officer or representative of firm engaged in manufacturing or distributing electrical materials, equipment or devices; one general public w/knowledge of electrical industry, but not related to electrical industry; three certified electricians; one licensed professional electrical engineer qualified to do business in Washington.

Number of yearly meetings:


PDC Filing:


Senate Confirmation Required:


Current Members (pdf)