Lewis County Death Register 1891-1907 - Sw321-2-12-00020.Tif - James, Mrs. - Urquhart

Source: http://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Record/View/BF64C3EC8935FAF13ED448CA3E49B85F
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This database is a list of names of people who died in Lewis County from 1891-1907.

There are 320 names listed in this index.

To learn about related records, contact the Washington State Archives, Southwest Regional Branch at (360) 753-1684 or email swresearch@sos.wa.gov
Lewis County Death Register 1891-1907. ONLINE. 2009. Washington Secretary of State. Transcribed and Proofread by Historical Records Project Volunteers: Kathy Lester, Shelton, Washington and Ann Stroupe, Olympia, Washington.
Available online: http://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov.

Lewis County Death Register, 1891-1907. Washington State Archives Southwest Regional Branch.
Original records held by Washington State Archives Southwest Regional Branch.
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