Military Department, Indian War Muster Rolls, 1855-1856 - James Urquhart

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This collection consists of the mustering-in record of Washington citizens to serve in the territorial militia between 1855 and 1856. These records give names of soldier and company, role (e.g., scout), rank, term of service, number of days served, state horse or furnished own mount, and an accounting of service time (e.g., days on guard duty and fatigue service), as well as other personal information. Records are supported by relevant letters to the Territorial Governor.

The Territorial Legislature first created a Territorial Militia in 1854. After Washington became a state, this militia became the National Guard, which is organized, equipped, and federally recognized under the United States National Defense Act. It operates within the state’s Military Department, which was established to protect Washington citizens, and to participate in national defense as necessary.

There are 7568 records in this database.

These records are open for research.

Original records located at Washington State Archives, Olympia, WA.

All records are in English.
To learn about related records, contact the State Archives at 360.586.1492, or email

Database: Military Military Department, Muster Rolls, 1855-1856.
Online 2008. Washington State Archives, Office of the Secretary of State.
Compiled by Roger Easton. Available online:
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