Social Security Death Index - Washington - George - Brandon

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This database contains the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) for those individuals who either had a Social Security card issued in Washington State, had their last residence in Washington state, or had their last benefit payment mailed to an address in Washington State just prior to their death.
The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a Death Master File, a record of approximately 70 million deaths that were reported to SSA. The SSA publicly releases the Social Security Number of deceased individuals to prevent identity theft. This allows banks and other businesses to deny the use of these inactive SSNs and prevents a living person from assuming the identity of a deceased person.

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The Social Security Administration does not release the SSNs of living persons.

Social Security Death Index is provided to the Washington State Digital Archives as a subscription service. The Digital Archives does not verify the accuracy of the Death Index, nor is the Digital Archives permitted to correct possible errors in the Index’s information. If you believe this record contains incorrect information, you may leave a Comment attached to the record to assist other researchers.
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